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Trinkor Global Source & Supply

iManage Work Case Study

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Trinkor is a global sourcing and supply company, operating in the space between end users and manufacturers. Its head office is in Welshpool, Western Australia and the company has offices in Germany, the USA, and the UK along with Trinkor agents in Japan, South Korea, India and Sweden.


iManage Work was initially implemented for Trinkor’s US office. Following its successful implementation, Trinkor then expanded the use of iManage to its entire group of 
companies. iManage Work has proven itself to be a system that is flexible for SMEs as well as being able to handle growth. 

“What started as a document management solution quickly turned into a company-wide initiative that raised our efficiency metrics from 63% to above 80% within the space of 12 months’’. – Broe Coppin, General Manager, Trinkor


  • Paper files were the primary methods of record-keeping and project tracking

  • Staff were not able to quickly access documents and correspondance

  • Remote access thas difficult

  • A more efficient and secure storage system for emails and documents was required


  • Content (including emails) can now be more easily monitored

  • Once emails are filed in iManage, they are accessible to everyone who is working on the same project

  • Employees can now easily access content outside of the office

  • Offsite backup means that even if there is a disaster, critical records won't be lost

Implementing a Solution

In the past, Trinkor relied completely on a paper-based record keeping and project tracking system. This made their records incredibly vulnerable to fire, water damage and loss. It also greatly affected productivity. 
Employees and managers can now easily monitor content including emails. Once it is filed in iManage it is accessible to everyone who is working on the same project. This has greatly improved project collaboration as all related content is brought together in a central location.

Mitigating Risk

Integrating with the existing Outlook desktop has kept the staff training and Change Management to a minimum. Other improvements include document and email accessibility, audit trails for decision making, and offsite backup.

Overcoming Challenges

The broader implementation of iManage Work across the Trinkor group of companies was very fast. iManage’s scalability was invaluable in reducing the implementation costs and ensuring a successful result. 
“The technical support and availability throughout the implementation process was of an extremely high standard and this continues today.”  - Broe Coppin, General Manager, Trinkor. 

‘’We saw Trinkor as an opportunity to deliver an enterprise-level solution to a relatively small group of users in a cost-effective, efficient manner’’
- David Shine, Business Development Manager, OIA
‘’I personally believe that results speak for themselves and the contribution that iManage has made to Trinkor’s bottom line through efficiency gains has exceeded expectations.’’
- Broe Coppin, General Manager, Trinkor 
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