Disaster Recovery + Offsite Backup

Natural and man-made disasters present real challenges in maintaining 'business as usual' standing in the modern world. We rarely get a heads up that a disaster is about to strike. Even with prior warning, things can go wrong with every incident being unique and unfolding in unexpected ways. 
OIA data backup and disaster recovery solutions will work together to ensure uptime, diminish data loss and maximse productivity in the midst of an attack,natural disaster, or other comprimising situation. In short it will keep your business running when trouble strikes!
Why does your company need offsite backup and disaster recovery 
  • Protection against the effects of natural disasters
  • Lessen impacts of cyber attacks
  • Keeps clients data safe
  • People make mistakes
  • Systems fail
OIA’s offsite Disaster Recovery Solution is hosted with Australian owned cloud service providers with local, multi-site datacentres incorporating the latest redundancy technologies. It provides hosting for virtual servers platforms and offsite backup storage, allowing us to run the client’s IT environment in a disaster recovery scenario.
DR backup photo.png
Veeam Backup and Recovery key features:
  • Veeam Backup and Recovery console, a centralised management console with insights into all backup and replication tasks.
  • Image-level virtual machine backups, creating application consistent backups with advanced application aware processing.
  •  SureBackup automatically tests and verifies every backup and every virtual machine for recoverability
  •  Reverse incremental backups, resulting in the most recent restore point always being a full backup, allowing for quicker recovery times.
  • Instant VM recovery allows the restore of a failed virtual machine onto the local Hyper-V servers within minutes using Veeam Instant Boot technology.
  •  Instant File-level recovery allows the restore guest virtual machine files and folder on the fly using the Veeam Backup and Recovery console.
  • Microsoft Active Directory restores, allows the recovery of individual AD objects, user accounts, and passwords, Group Policy Objects, and DNS records within minutes using the Veeam Backup and Recovery console.
  • Cost-effective, long term retention with inbuilt support for either Amazon Glacier or traditional tape backup infrastructure.
Why Partner with OIA?
Strong Reputation
OIA has been implementing and managing backup solutions for customers for over 30 years and is constantly evolving these solutions in-line with current technology and industry trends.
OIA will ensure any solution meets your needs today but just as important, is capable of scaling as your business grows.
There is no silver bullet, every business has different needs now and into the future. OIA will determine the best solution based on your specific requirements.