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DocAuto is an internationally utilised solutions provider focused on Enterprise Content Management and E-mail Management for iManage Work and SharePoint. DocAuto prides itself on rigidly working within iManage Work's 3-tier architecture, Microsoft's SharePoint architecture, and by following Enterprise Content Management best practices.
WorkSpace Manager for iManage Work
DocAuto's WorkSpace Manager™ is the gold standard for Matter-Centric management within iManage Work and provides all of the functionality you need for full cradle-to-grave management of your iManage Work structures in a single comprehensive application. Automate creation and management of the entire Matter-Centric environment using the approved three-tier architecture of iManage Work for unparalleled scalability, performance, and reliability. Whether you are running iManage on premises or in the cloud, WorkSpace Manager empowers you to efficiently manage every aspect of the iManage Work environment throughout the entire WorkSpace life-cycle.
WorkSpace Manager Desktop for DeskSite and FileSite
WorkSpace Manager Desktop™ is a suite of modular client-side add-ins to iManage DeskSite or FileSite that provides non-administrator users with simple tools for making controlled changes to WorkSpaces. Users are able to make changes even without full access security rights or iManage Work role privileges. These utilities work with any existing WorkSpaces, regardless of how they were created or what metadata they have. WorkSpace Manager Desktop tracks all operations in a centralised database and can perform operations instantaneously, or queue requested changes to go through other back-end workflow approval processes.
WorkSpace Manager Desktop also includes the WorkSpace Manager Desktop Create Module. This Module allows users to select from pre-approved templates, filtered based on User ID and Group membership, to design WorkSpaces. The Create Module allows authorised users to add new custom metadata to the iManage Work system as needed for WorkSpace creation. Users can also be granted permissions to create WorkSpaces immediately or queue their requests for an approver who may review the workspace's structure, metadata, and security, then approve or reject the request.
WorkSpace Manager Desktop can be linked to WorkSpace Manager in order for the full power of WorkSpace Manager to be available to approved users on a WorkSpace-by-WorkSpace basis.
Refiling Module for iManage Work
DocAuto's Refiling Module moves metadata and security refiling to the server side, eliminating user confusion and frustration with tedious desktop refiling. This solution simplifies your users' day to day experience and helps enforce the consistent application of metadata and security policies, all while preserving audit trails and improving the performance of your iManage Work Servers.
ePredict for iManage Work 
ePredict™ provides real-time "zero additional click" tagging of mail messages by predicting and suggesting iManage Work targets based on the e-mail's addresses and subject line text. ePredict tags messages that are then processed on the server side by the DocAuto Exchange Importer Module (EIM). ePredict delivers a simple, intuitive interface with immediate predictive results based on prior user activity and does not consume workstation resources or slow you down. ePredict includes bulk tagging capabilities, as well as optional tools for power users who want precise control of their mailbox and processed content.
Folder Manager Module for Exchange 
The Folder Manager Module™ automatically creates targeted filing folders directly in individual users' Exchange mailboxes. Folders are created based on data from any data source, including the users' activity in external systems, such as document management, matter intake, time and billing, practice management, matter management, records management, and more. The data from these systems is used to create optimised, organised folders in hierarchical structures appropriate to your users' needs. Items placed in these folders are automatically processed by DocAuto's Exchange Importer Module for iManage Work, SharePoint, or Matter Center. Users can instantly move messages or entire folder structures from their mailbox, other folders, or PST files into these filing folders using Outlook, Outlook Web Access, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, and more. The Folder Manager Module is a completely server-side application and does not require users to install any software on their workstations or mobile devices. The Folder Manager Module makes filing fast and easy, and gives users total control over which content is filed, where it's filed, and when it's filed.
The Folder Manager Module also creates and removes native Outlook categories in users' mailboxes. These categories can be used to bulk tag messages for filing to iManage Work, SharePoint, or Matter Center, enabling filing on a wide range of mobile devices and web-based platforms with no additional software on the device. Categories also support multi-platform and multi-target filing, so messages can be filed to multiple systems or targets easily.
Exchange Importer Module 
Exchange Importer Module™, or "EIM", is the fastest, easiest, and most powerful way to automatically import large volumes of Exchange content into iManage Work. This server-side solution supports multiple approaches to e-mail management, from ongoing message by message tagging with DocAuto ePredict, to folder-based processing using ePredict, Folder Manager, or other custom approaches, to migration of entire mailboxes for departed user mailbox archiving. EIM can also use its powerful message filtering capabilities to perform data mining on your Exchange repositories, allowing content to be extracted and saved to iManage Work for litigation holds, e-discovery, auditing, and many other uses.
This comprehensive and flexible product automatically copies, moves, links and moves, or deletes any kind of Exchange content (messages, notes, tasks, contacts, calendar items, etc.) directly from filtered or non-filtered sources into dynamically resolved targets in iManage Work.
DocAuto Helm™ provides truly comprehensive monitoring and control of your entire system within one powerful browser-based interface. Helm continuously monitors iManage Work DMS, Communications/EFS/WCS Servers, SharePoint services, Microsoft SQL Server, all components of HP IDOL or IUS environments, and an endless list of third party applications. Helm is the only application that actually tests the processing flow of your IDOL and SharePoint full-text indexers to truly verify that each service component is not just "up", but actually processing data correctly from service to service. Helm provides an intuitive graphical "dashboard" view of your environment, including all monitored components and dependencies, and promotes optimal system performance. Helm lets you control and automate complex system analysis, monitoring, and maintenance tasks to maximise your users' satisfaction. If potential problems are detected within any system, Helm sends instant e-mail notifications so your team can take action to address issues and minimize user impact. Easily configure Helm to alert on critical problems, like hardware failures or impending capacity issues, and send alerts when your predetermined resource or performance thresholds are met. Helm simplifies and automates many manual IDOL administration and maintenance tasks, eliminating tedious tasks that are otherwise necessary to ensure optimal system performance.
Helm 5.0 includes role-based security to allow non-administrators to safely monitor appropriate systems without having editing capabilities or service control functionalities.
Detect, alert, anticipate, and prevent system issues with Helm.
The DocAuto Server 
The DocAuto Server™ is a unified tool set for creating, scheduling, managing, and executing jobs created or associated with the DocAuto Server platform's Modules, DocAuto legacy applications, and other 3rd-party applications. The DocAuto Server architecture provides you with an Administrator interface for overall system management, and a Job Editor for job creation, scheduling, and modification.
The DocAuto Server includes three built-in specialty job modules:
  • The Generic Execute Module, which lets you run nearly any application within the DocAuto Server platform, so you can take advantage of the platform's scheduling, job chaining, logging, notification, and other capabilities
  • The Notification Module lets you use data from any data source to drive customised e-mail notifications based on changes happening in external systems
  • The System Module monitors the DocAuto Server platform itself, and provides cleanup tasks to help optimise performance.  It can also notify you about any problems, or just keep you apprised of when important jobs complete
Watchdog Module for DocAuto Server
The Watchdog Module™ for DocAuto Server creates peace of mind by letting you know what is happening in iManage as it happens. This module lets administrators set up simple rules to track document activity based on multiple filters such as users, groups, any combination of metadata, where filed information, and more. The Watchdog Module helps prevent content theft, checks for unauthorised use of intellectual property, and provides an instant notification of suspicious user activity at an organisational level.
The Watchdog Module continuously monitors all document activity within any number of iManage Work servers and databases, reports on and takes action if a specific activity threshold is met, and can instantly notify any combination of users or distribution groups using SMTP or SMS notifications. Business rules can be easily incorporated into a Watchdog configuration using data from any external data source.
Watchdog supports real-time dynamic behavioural analysis of user activity to appropriately alert when any user's activity is above or below what is normal for them specifically.
iMPrivate for iManage Work      
iMPrivate® is the leading ethical wall and security management system for iManage Work. iMPrivate uses iManage's approved 3-tier architecture and works with on-premises or cloud-hosted iManage Work, and supports filtering documents using the powerful full-text searching capabilities of iManage.
iMPrivate maintains security on iManage Work documents directly, whether or not they are stored in WorkSpaces or Folders, and enhances the functionality of WorkSpace Manager and the Refiling Module for comprehensive security management. With iMPrivate, administrators can define ethical walls that are applied and continuously maintained on documents using any combination of metadata, including full-text searches. iMPrivate also provides for a wide array of day-to-day security maintenance operations within iManage Work. All security changes can be recorded in detail in the history for every document and version and every security change made, including additions, deletions, what prior values were before they were changed, and what the values were changed to.
iMPrivate's "soft delete" functionality can automatically hide documents, on a version-by-version basis, that have been marked by users for deletion based on profile metadata. Soft deletion can also be performed based on drag-and-drop operations of documents into "Trash" or "Recycle Bin" folders, if all versions need to be processed in this way.
iMPrivate can be driven using manually defined "security sets" or by using external data sources. iMPrivate also performs "surgical" security ACL addition, removal, or modification, without damaging other security settings on documents, analysis and correction of user/group security conflicts, and bulk cleanup of disabled user or group security ACLs on all documents in your system.
WorkSite Exporter
WorkSite Exporter™ makes exporting iManage Work documents and their security, history, and metadata fast and easy. This powerful desktop product is an add-in to DeskSite or FileSite and provides a simple, intuitive interface for doing bulk exports of iManage Work structures, documents, and data. Administrators can pre-configure and lock down the Exporter settings to control how exports are performed by end users, further simplifying their usage experience.
WorkSite Exporter includes the WorkSite Exporter Stand-Alone Utility, which runs exports without using DeskSite or FileSite.
This application allows exports to be driven using a combination of pre-set configuration information, command-line parameters, or data driven queries that can be integrated with any kind of external application. The application is also unaffected by iManage Work's 9,999 item limit, thus empowering clients to truly perform mass exports without the need to break the exports into smaller batches. Exports can be automated to run on schedules, or be chained from other DocAuto Server Module jobs in order to perform exports as part of a workflow process. Each export can also notify assigned users when the job has completed.
WorkSite Organizer for ShareFile
WorkSite Organizer for ShareFile® is an add-in to iManage DeskSite or FileSite that provides iManage Work users with quick and easy ways to exchange iManage documents to external users though the Citrix ShareFile® system. Citrix ShareFile users can now browse, upload, and send iManage Work documents to ShareFile while in any document view in DeskSite, FileSite, or the iManage integration dialogs.
With a single click, users can now download ShareFile documents as new iManage Work documents or new versions of existing documents, or upload one or more documents from iManage to ShareFile. Links to ShareFile documents or folders can be sent directly through Outlook or links can be copied if not using Outlook. This application also provides the ability to add, edit, or delete ShareFile folders and documents quickly from within DeskSite or FileSite.
iImport for iManage Work
iImport™ is the most powerful tool for importing external content directly into iManage Work. It offers automated or on-demand processing options and comprehensive file-by-file or folder-by-folder workflow processing. iImport can use external data sources to create branching workflow processes that determine which content to process, where to place it, what metadata and security to set, and more. Whether you are importing terabytes of documents from network file shares, converting legacy document management systems, or importing content for new employees, iImport is the best tool for the job.
iImport Desktop for DeskSite and FileSite 
Designed for non-technical end-users, iImport Desktop™ is an add-in to iManage DeskSite or FileSite that empowers users to quickly and easily import content from native operating system folders directly into iManage Work. iImport Desktop features a simple and intuitive interface similar to Windows Explorer.
With iImport Desktop, users can extend the native FileSite and DeskSite import capabilities on their workstations to import multiple documents or entire folder structures at once. This product includes document filtering capabilities and the ability to limit where content can be imported.