Metadata management for the desktop

cleanDocs desktop is a breakthrough technology that enables Administrators to deploy a desktop metadata management solution that delivers speed, flexibility, and control to protect from accidental information and metadata leaks. 
Trust cleanDocs to send secure emails and manage metadata
cleanDocs is the only product on the market that offers two points of defence against sending unsecure emails: metadata cleaning and email recipient checking. The metadata scrubber removes more than 100 different types of metadata that could be hidden within Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and PDF/A documents in milliseconds. Most global data breaches happen when an email is sent to the wrong person. Our recipient checking email add-in applies a second layer of defence against human error over email since users confirm their actions are as intended upon clicking Send. 
Recipient Checking

A simple email security solution to prevent the #1 cause of data breaches. Smart technology prompts users to confirm what they are sending and who they are sending it to.
Metadata Cleaning
Hidden metadata in documents can reveal more information than intended. Ensure email attachments are scrubbed clean of metadata on send to prevent information data breaches.
The option of reviewing changes in a live Track Changes report instead of a redline delivers a 25% more efficient workflow. Users can accept or reject changes immediately 
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cleanDocs is the smart way to scrub metadata and send secure emails. Upon clicking Send, users can check the recipient list for external or blacklisted email domains, Reply All and Forward actions to ensure the right information is being sent to the right person every time and that the user’s actions are as intended. On the same screen users can action a series of time-saving tasks as part of the process: rename and clean attachments of metadata based on a specific company policy and convert attachments to PDFs or add to a ZIP file for secure distribution.

Prevent Metadata Leaks. All Devices 

cleanDocs server protects mobile users by automatically cleaning email attachments based on preconfi gured metadata management policies.
Manage metadata in emails sent from mobile devices with cleanDocs server
cleanDocs server empowers smarter data protection with a different approach to metadata management. It automatically cleans more than 100 types of metadata from email attachments at sub-second speeds to stop unintentional data leaks. 
IT Administrators can set up company-wide cleaning policies or allow exceptions for certain metadata types so users can make educated choices about cleaning. Emails processed by cleanDocs server are synchronized with the Sent Items folder, so mobile users know exactly what was sent and when. Any emails already processed by cleanDocs desktop will be immediately sent.

Trust the metadata management solution built for mobile to meet the unique security needs of your business.
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Metadata Management

Minimise the risk of an email causing a data breach by managing metadata on every send, including emails sent from smartphones.
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Minimum Interruption

Automatically cleans metadata on Send. Users can interact with the process if passwords are required for protected documents.
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Customised Policies
Your organisation’s security needs are unique. Configure metadata policies to specific business requirements and risk profiles.
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JBusy professionals rely more and more on mobile devices to send and reply to emails. But without the right security measures, every email send could be a risk to your organization’s data protection strategy. 

Server-based metadata management protects mobile users by automatically cleaning metadata from email attachments based on company-wide policies. cleanDocs server protects anyone who sends emails from mobile devices, Outlook Web Access, or any other email-enabled application by ensuring no hidden metadata slips through the cracks. Take the worry out of email data protection and enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing you’ve covered all bases.