Streamline the document review process

Instantly find every change with compareDocs.
Find every change with compareDocs for document comparison
compareDocs is the leading tool for comparing two documents for differences across all document types. compareDocs delivers unprecedented accuracy and efficiency, catching every insertion, deletion, or move in every document.Comparing contracts and other legal documents for changes can be prone to error. Failure to see important changes, no matter how small, can have a big impact on your business. compareDocs lets you see every change instantly.
Compare two versions of a document to see exactly what has changed. Works with any file type – including Word, PDF, or image documents. Compare in the office or on-the-go.
Eliminate the risk of missing changes between documents. Trust the most accurate comparison technology available; because even the smallest change can have a big impact.
The option of reviewing changes in a live Track Changes report instead of a redline delivers a 25% more efficient workflow. Users can accept or reject changes immediately 
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Document comparison software can be the difference between success and disaster when it comes to reviewing critical business files. The smallest change between versions can end up having a big impact, so it’s crucial nothing gets missed.  
Use compareDocs to find changes between documents with unmatched speed and accuracy. Where some products convert the file before comparing, compareDocs operates at the binary level. This means it can work reliably across all document types – including Word, PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint – so you don’t waste time on reformatting.

Compare. Anywhere. Any device.

compareDocs cloud lets you compare two documents on any device without the need to install software.

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Eliminate the risk of missing important changes in business documents 
We live and work in an increasingly mobile world. While many organizations already use document comparison software in the office at the desktop level, not all of them have taken the next step to make sure it works wherever it is needed. Not deploying the same powerful document comparison tools on mobile devices is a risk and can result in small but important changes being missed. Fortunately, compareDocs cloud can compare two documents for changes no matter where you are or what device you’re using. Eliminate risk and add efficiency to document comparison by giving users the tools they need to find every change. Trust compareDocs cloud for Office 365 users on Windows, Mac, iPad, and in the browser. 
Compare on anything
compareDocs cloud is the most accurate way to compare two documents for changes on Office 365 for Windows, Mac, iPad or in the browser.
Work from anywhere
Compare two versions of a document for changes quickly, accurately, and reliably no matter where you are or what device you’re using. 
Stay Secure 
Files don’t leave the premises when processed, so they stay secure. Files are hosted on Microsoft Azure and encrypted during processing.
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Work doesn’t stop when you are on the go, so your document comparison software shouldn’t either. Missing a small but important change simply isn’t an option, even when working on a laptop or tablet. That’s where compareDocs cloud helps. compareDocs cloud for Office 365 on Windows, Mac, iPad or in the browser empowers users to compare, review, and approve documents anywhere. 

If a client emails a new version of a contract with no Track Changes marked up, compareDocs cloud can show you the changes to review and approve on the spot. This means the client won’t have to wait until you’re back in the office for an answer. 

Take document comparison to new heights

compareDocs cloud API uses established, market-leading comparison technology that is the best for comparing documents natively.
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Highly mobile and secure compareDocs cloud API
compareDocs cloud API is a highly scalable RESTful API designed to support comparison volumes of large enterprises, mobile apps, and SaaS companies. Being a RESTful API, you can connect to compareDocs cloud API from anywhere, anytime, using your preferred technology.

compareDocs cloud API is designed with multiple layers of security, including secure data transfer and encryption. Security measures are distributed across a highly scalable and secure infrastructure provided by Microsoft Azure. The platform and infrastructure are regularly tested for security vulnerabilities and hardened to protect against attacks.
Changes can be marked up as a redline or Track Changes document to show insertions and deletions in the content, footnotes, headers/footers, list numbers, and tables.
Compare high volumes of documents for changes in parallel at the same time and meet the rigorous demands of large enterprises, mobile apps, and SaaS companies.


Show changes between different versions of documents across multiple formats – anywhere and anytime users need to instantly see what has changed.
compareDocs Cloud API Key Features
Compare complex table structures including nested tables, and split or merged cells
Hosted on a highly scalable and secure infrastructure provided by Microsoft Azure
Secure data transfer and encryption
Platform and programming language agnostic

compareDocs SDK

compareDocs SDK supports the comparison of both Microsoft Word and PDF documents in their native formats with configurable comparison reports.
Why use compareDocs SDK
compareDocs SDK provides developers access to the unique document comparison and markup capabilities of compareDocs through .NET classes and interfaces. 
Comparison options are highly customizable via the programmatic interfaces, offering the ability to compare characters, words, tables, footnotes, field codes, list numbers, headers and footers and much more.Use compareDocs SDK to meet client expectations around document comparison with market-leading technology.
Fast Comparison
Compares documents at the binary level to instantly detect what has changed between versions. This comparison method delivers the fastest and most accurate results.
No Conversion
Compares Word and PDF documents without first converting to a proprietary format. Changes are marked up in a new document and formatting and styles remain intact. 
Custom Reports
Changes between different versions can be marked up as Track Changes or output as a static redline report in a new Word or PDF document. Show what’s changed and where.
compareDocs SDK Key Features
Embed in mass-market software applications written in a variety of programming languages
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Extensive API for easy integration or detailed control
Packaged with industry-standard .NET interface
Get detailed comparison statistics for analysis, reporting, and pre-check in-processing