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Create complex PDFs. Easily

pdfDocs is an essential all-in-one tool for creating, editing, bundling and securing PDFs.

pdfDocs simplifies your most complex PDF workflows
pdfDocs is a project-centric PDF management application that gives users the ability to create, collate, edit, redact, annotate, and secure PDF content. Users can print, email, and save documents from within the unique Organizer workspace as well as profile documents into a document management system. Users can set up Organizer workspaces for specific cases, matters, or projects complete with output and security settings, which can be shared on a network drive. pdfDocs can also be used to create electronic PDF binders. It automates the process of converting and assembling vast amounts of documents into a single or multi-PDF, which can be distributed to clients or third parties quickly and securely.
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Make light work of combining multiple documents from many places. Automate the creation of multi PDF documents and electronic binders with a powerfully simple action 
Boost productivity with an integrated PDF application. Workflows become streamlined and more efficient when your PDF application and core business systems work together. 
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Smart Editing
Make changes to your PDF documents quickly and easily with no conversion to Word needed. Add, remove, or rearrange pages; modify text or images; annotate and much more. 
Watch: Editing PDFs on a tablet is effortless with pdfDocs
PDF editing on tablets can be slow and frustrating. Many markup tools aren’t fully optimized for mobile devices, so the user experience is delayed and awkward. The Pencil tool in pdfDocs is different. Create clear and consistent lines when you put stylus to screen. Sign a document, highlight an important section, or suggest a change in the margins. A superior PDF editing experience on tablets can shorten the turnaround time for client documents and power productivity. Extend collaboration beyond the desktop with pdfDocs. 

Bundle PDFs easily with pdfDocs Binder

An automated PDF binder solution speeds up the entire process, so you spend more time on work that matters.

The smart way to merge and combine PDFs
Creating closing books, matter bibles, board packs, manuals, or any type of document bundle can be a time-consuming task. Manually combining documents can mean hours of printing and scanning. If a document is added out of order or needs to be removed, it could mean starting over again and losing even more valuable hours. 
With the added pressure of getting these documents out the door and into the hands of clients as quickly as possible, the task of combining PDFs can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, pdfDocs Binder can help. It automates the process of converting, and bundling documents – helping users work up to 75% faster. A more efficient bundling workflow can give many organizations a competitive edge on billable hours. It also ensures the PDF binder is consistent in style and easy to navigate for the reader. Overall, pdfDocs Binder means smarter working with less effort.
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Document Bundling
Merge documents and folders from multiple locations into a single PDF binder. Add new documents and make changes in seconds, not hours. 
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Automate the conversion and assembly of documents into a PDF binder, generating an interactive Table of Contents, bookmarks, and links for easy navigation.  
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Secure Distribution
Distribute PDF binders quickly and securely by email or electronic file transfer. Secure the contents with encryption, proper redaction, and passwords.  
Watch: Automate the process of combining multiple PDFs
The task of combining multiple PDFs into an electronic binder is a slow, painstaking task if done manually. Just a minor change to a single document can mean hours of extra work.
Automate the process of creating an electronic PDF binder and get the job done up to 75% faster. Impress clients with a far more efficient way to review important business files and reduce paper usage by working digitally. Forget printing and scanning multiple copies - simply add new or amended documents as you go, and output to a single file when you’re done. Plus, improve file security by adding passwords.
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