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iManage Work Integration

EzeScan has been providing advanced batch scanning and capture solutions to document management clients globally since 2002. With advanced power indexing features and native integration with iManage Work, EzeScan delivers the fastest most cost effective method available to capture and register both your hard copy and electronic documents.
Ezescan's iManage Work Integration enables you to:
> Apply all field data (Client ID,Matter ID,Class, Subclass, Custom 1 to 30, Author, Operator)
> Allows for browsing to folders to store documents
> Auto filing using barcodes
> Auto filing to folders by searching workspace description or by custom property
> Auto select subfolder based on folder name
> Apply or inherit permissions 
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Integration and deployment
EzeScan provides ‘out of the box’ native integration with iManage Work. To the end-user, this means a seamless experience when scanning and registering documents. With its highly configurable interface, EzeScan provides rapid deployment measured in days not months.
Flexible deployment and licensing options are available to suit your needs. These include named and concurrent 
licenses for scan workstations scan/index workstations sand index only workstations As a decentralised solution 
EzeScan SERVER can be deployed to provide distribution scanning from MFD’s direct to iManage Work or provide 
background processing for high volume production workflows.
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