Hardware Maintenance

OIA partners with Interactive, Australia’s largest multi-vendor hardware maintenance provider to  provide you with a new level of assurance and value for your hardware maintenance contracts. This partnership allows us to offer you better value, service levels and ROI from your hardware investments.
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Experience has shown us that having vendor-led maintenance agreements beyond the initial warranty period doesn’t always work well – particular for customers in Western Australia where replacement parts are not always readily available, meaning outages can be longer as stock is shipped from the East Coast.
Our partnership with Interactive guarantees that your replacement parts will be available locally to ensure our SLA’s can be met. In fact, we can now offer you even better SLAs than you can get from your current vendors, at a very competitive price!
Interactive has a team of 150+ vendor certified engineers located in all major capital cities and supports over 250,000 devices in 20,000 locations. As you can see from the attached page, OIA’s partnership with Interactive means we can support your devices wherever they may be located – in WA or anywhere else in Australia and New Zealand!
Our analysis has shown Interactive to be highly competitive against vendor based maintenance agreements. Offering continuous maintenance beyond the initial term, meaning no more hassles managing multiple maintenance renewals and keeping track of maintenance expiry dates.  Interactive can also provide support for End-of-Life equipment, where it’s no longer possible to get vendor direct cover.
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