High-performance document management cloud services for professionals
iManage Cloud delivers the industry’s leading Work Product Management capabilities with scalable, reliable performance and features specifically designed for professionals. The iManage Cloud is built on the latest technologies adopted by the largest cloud vendors to provide elastic compute and storage with uninterrupted services using a continuous automated delivery model.
The benefits of iManage Cloud
Complete functionality and vision
Fully integrated document and email management, secure file collaboration, knowledge management and information governance – all from a single vendor.
First elastic cloud for the professional services industry
Petabyte scale and deep search capabilities coupled with a single user experience across mobile, tablets and desktops.
Advanced security models
Monitor and protect all data from malicious or unwanted access.
Self-service administration
Manage and monitor your deployments from anywhere using a single responsive interface.
Global availability
Available within Australia, the US, the EU and South America with additional countries planned to enable you to address data sovereignty issues.
Multiple delivery options for various needs
iManage Work Product Management is available as an easily implemented cloud service. If data sovereignty, client requirements or organisation policy dictates, a portion of your data may also be stored on-premises. This gives iManage customers the ultimate freedom in deciding how to use cloud services based on their or their clients’ specific needs.
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Security to meet strict client demands
iManage provides a deep set of application and operational security features to ensure that your data is protected from threats originating both within and external to the firm. iManage employs stringent round-the-clock monitoring tools and complies with audit, data privacy and security standards including ISO 27001 Security Standard, HIPAA and EU Data Privacy obligations. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Customer and file specific encryption keys ensure authorised access. SAML2 authentication enables single-sign on for end-users, based on firm policies. iManage Threat Manager applies advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to protect your data against modern security threats like phishing attacks.
High velocity deployments
Our customer onboarding process makes it easy to move to the cloud. Organisations retain complete control over their data and administration. Integration with third-party systems such as matter management and time and billing are cloud-ready. Comprehensive REST (web) APIs ensure that customisations to meet unique business needs can be easily developed.
Existing iManage on-premises customers enjoy a quick transfer to the iManage Cloud. Customers can choose to move to the cloud by office or practice area, optimising use of existing infrastructure and resources. Customers continue to leverage the existing user interfaces with no retraining required.
For new iManage customers, we provide proven tools and methodologies to accelerate the migration from competing systems, including OpenText, NetDocuments or file shares to the iManage cloud.
Innovative Security
How cloud is leading the way in cutting-edge security frameworks. 
As the landscape of security threats changes and grows, it becomes clear that the potential for data loss poses an existential threat to professional services firms. iManage has adopted this challenge as fundamental to its approach to service delivery.
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Always Up – ultra high availability designed to anticipate failures
iManage Cloud is supported by data centers across Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe and South America. This enables organisations to store information in the geographic location that is best for governance and performance.
The iManage Cloud has no single points of failure within and across data centers, offering a continuous service delivery model. This ensures no work disruptions during key projects and deals.
Who uses the iManage Cloud?
Leading professional service firms and corporate departments are selecting the iManage Cloud. Whether for business agility, rapid set up, reducing IT workloads or changing the cost of ownership, iManage Cloud is growing at over 100% a year as more and more organisations are finding the benefits of the cloud.
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Simple Implementation
Your checklist to migrate with minimal user disruption
Our customer onboarding process makes it easy to move to the cloud. Existing iManage on-premises customers enjoy a quick transfer to the iManage Cloud. One 1600 user firm made the switch in under 90 days. Are you ready to move to the cloud? See if you’re ready to make the move.
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