Find information, discover knowledge and leverage experts across disparate locations
iManage Insight takes enterprise search and knowledge management to the next level. Leveraging the RAVN AI technology, Insight finds, analyse and identifies organisation information buried in disparate systems regardless of location. iManage Insight’s Knowledge Graph surfaces connections between people, expertise and knowledge to identify hidden experts, related projects and relevant clients. With iManage Insight, professionals work smarter and can build knowledge applications that solve high ROI problems across the enterprise.
Quickly find and access relevant information across internal and external systems:
Robust connector framework simplifies enterprise data integration while visual dashboard automatically organises search results into thematic categories that can be quickly reviewed and refined.
Drive user adoption with innovative user experience:
Consistent easy-to-use experience across desktop and mobile devices leverages common UI and Internet metaphors, a client-centric dashboard of your organisation’s content, and lets you stay productive on the go.
Encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing:
Easily identify relationships, harness hidden knowledge and expertise throughout the organisation with Knowledge Graph™
Secure search-consistent results:
Leverage a single shared index, for consistent search results that respects security, and lower operating cost.
Build powerful knowledge management applications:
Create dashboards, integrate content, search and AI to achieve your vision.
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Quickly find relevant information across disparate systems
Quickly find relevant information across disparate systems
Leveraging the RAVN AI engine, iManage Insight utilises machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to better understand search queries and provide relevant search results. iManage Insight’s robust connector framework and data transformation module (iManage Pipeline), enables you to easily setup and manage connections to disparate data sources without the need for expensive technical resource. A single search finds information across a wide-variety of systems including iManage Work, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, third-party websites, instant messages and social media.
iManage Insight Interface
iManage Insight Interface
Build and leverage internal communities of information and experts
iManage Insight Knowledge Graph™ uses social criteria and strength of connections to automatically identify hidden experts and expertise in the organisation. Knowledge Graph™ visually illustrates how each person is connected to various areas as well as the many inter-relationships between clients, content and staff. A single click reveals all projects and documents a person of interest has engaged with; finds people with desired areas of expertise and keeps you up to date with new information related to their areas of expertise.
Seamless integration with iManage Work Product Management Platform
iManage Insight leverages the same iManage RAVN search index used by other iManage products including Work, Extract, Security Policy Manager and Records Manager. This shared integrated platform enhances search results consistency and respects content security policies.
A robust API framework enables organization to extend existing search solutions, build new knowledge applications and connect to custom data sources.
iManage Insight has been used to develop KM application for a wide variety of industries including Legal, Financial and Media Services.
iManage Insight Interface