iManage Records Manager

Meet the needs of records managers without
burdening the professional users
iManage Records Manager, an industry leading product with over 500,000 users, provides a central interface with advanced capabilities to manage both physical and electronic records. Administrators can set governance policies, including trigger events, retention periods and disposition rules, as well monitor and enforce compliance on both records and non-records without introducing burden or overhead for today’s busy professional user.
Governance for physical and electronic records
Manage and control all records from a single policy
A central interface enables administrators to create, monitor and enforce governance polices on both physical and electronic content. Eliminate the need to define policies separately in your DMS and records management system.
Seamless integration with iManage Work
Control risk, reduce cost and increase user adoption- iManage Work content is never removed or stored somewhere else and professionals know there is only place to find the information they are looking for.
Flexible Retention Policies
Retention policies can be applied to content in iManage Work and Records Manager, as well as systems such as Windows file share and SharePoint sites.
Increase productivity
With role specific dashboards, professional users can quickly access their daily tasks and easily find relevant information without clicking a button.
Download iManage Records Manager Datasheet
Industry leading physical records management capability
  • Fully configurable warehouse management capabilities with hierarchical location types including rooms, zones, racks, shelves and spots.
  • Track circulating items using barcodes and RFID tags.
  • Integrate with external warehouse vendors- Request temporary and permanent retrieval of items; Perform new record and returning record pickup functionality within iManage Govern clients.
  • Seamless integration with electronic records management.
iManage Records Manager Interface
Automate Your Disposition Processing Work Flow
The Disposition Workflow add-on component for iManage Records Manager provides professional service firms with an easy and intuitive way to automate and track the end-to-end process by which content that is eligible for disposition is handled. The component enables firms to operate their records retention policy and reduce the risks, costs and challenges from over retention.
Summary emails for each review task are sent to designated approvers with a link that takes the approver to a web page where a personalized summary of items is given plus a list of all matters, workspaces, electronic folders, electronic documents that have been declared records, and physical media that are eligible for disposition.
Download the Disposition Workflow Datasheet

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