iManage Security Policy Manager

Global security policy management at scale for today’s security challenges
iManage Security Policy Manager manages need-to-know access, content segregation and ethical walls at scale, required to meet today’s security challenges. Featuring an intuitive role based UI and anywhere, anytime access, iManage Security Policy Manager provides data protection without sacrificing user productivity and system performance.
A modern approach for today’s security challenges
Easily manage global security policies at scale
Implement and manage ethical walls and client or project / matter centric “need to know” security with little impact on organisation resources and systems.
Minimize your exposure to data loss
Segmenting data helps to minimize the impact of a cyber breach by limiting your exposure to documents accessible only by the person whose credentials have been compromised.
Be more responsive to client and regulatory audits
Advanced notifications, timeline, audit capability and dashboards allows you to monitor, enforce and report on security polices at the individual, group or organisational level.
Improve performance at scale
Eliminate system performance issues typically associated with large volume security policy updates. iManage SPM is seamlessly integrated with iManage Work so security updates are efficiently applied.
Manage security polices anywhere and anytime
Intuitive modern responsive user interface ensures that security policies can be managed and monitored on any device – computers, tablets and phones.
Download iManage Security Policy Manager Datasheet
Seamless integration with iManage Work Product Management
iManage Security Policy Manager enables you to support the industry’s best practices for securing work product, with no perceptible impact to user performance. iManage Security Policy Manager is a single vendor solution, tightly integrated with iManage Work and iManage Records Manager that delivers comprehensive security to meet increasing client demands at scale.
Instantly establish, adjust and remove security policies without costly access control cascades, document re-files or content re-indexing of iManage Work workspaces.
Search large workspaces without impacting performance for iManage Work end users.
Visual cues in iManage Work and Records Manager clearly indicate security polices, making it easy to see who does and who does not have access.
iManage Security Policy Manager Interface
iManage Secuity Policy Manager Need to Know Access
Need to Know Access Secures Sensitive Data
Easily respond to increasing client demands that require need to know policies that restrict project access to just the team that is working on them.
Range of configurable need-to-know options such as automatic time limited, ensures that urgent requests can be resolved outside of normal business hours by existing team members or the responsible attorney when access must be tightly controlled.
Manage ethical walls at scale without inconveniencing modern professionals and getting in the way of how they want to work.
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Manage global security policies at scale across key systems
iManage Security Policy Manager protects content in iManage and non-iManage repositories.
Remove bottlenecks and easily scale by delegating security policy management to different users throughout the organization. Responsibility for maintaining access can be left with the IT service desk or handed to the client or matter owner or their delegates.
Easily segment data in multiple ways. Policies can be applied based on practice group, matter type and any other metadata value, thus, minimising the impact of a security breach.
iManage Security Policy Manager Interface