The Platform for Making Knowledge Work
For organisations that run on knowledge, iManage is the platform that gives you an edge. Their knowledge work platform empowers you to work together intelligently and securely, unlocking your productivity and expertise to drive better business outcomes. 
Every product they build aims to enable the core function. Their platform is focused on making knowledge work because they recognise knowledge is the engine that drives performance and the source of true value to customers. 
iManage is a catalyst that activates your expertise to create value for the business.
iManage organises projects with context and safe sharing, so teams can achieve a common goal, anywhere.
iManage solves the tension between security and ease of use by baking world-class government into workflows.
iManage democratises knowledge work innovation with a vibrant ecosystem of partners and integration 
Work your way, anywhere
Teams create content and collaborate securely, from anywhere and on any device.
Drive productivity with AI
Embedded artificial intelligence automates mundane tasks to streamline processes and enable smarter decisions.
Built-in structure and transparency 
Organise projects in context with clear visibility, so teams can work toward a common goal.
Uncover meaningful value
Use AI powered contextual search as a catalyst to activate expertise and create value.
End-to-end governance
From encryption to ethical walls, iManage builds security and governance into the entire information lifecycle.
Innovate with confidence
iManage democratises knowledge work innovation with a vibrant ecosystem of partners and integrations.
Key Features
Collaborate seamlessly and securely from anywhere, on any device.
Comprehensive governance and security protections built into the platform.
Embedded AI capabilities unlock knowledge and enable smarter workflow.
Thriving ecosystem of technology partners integrated with iManage Universal APIs.
Cloud Platform for Knowledge Work
The iManage Cloud empowers knowledge workers to be productive from anywhere in a safe, secure environment. iManage's unique cloud platform delivers against our client's needs of security, reliability, and performance while reducing cost and complexity, and increasing business agility.
Performance that drives adoption
Engineered to deliver a better, faster user experience.
Security for vital information
Comprehensive cloud security built on Zero Trust architecture.
Enhanced business agility
Highly scalable and extensible to match your business requirements.
Improved efficiency
Removes the cost and complexity of managing on-premises systems.
Key Features
Industry-leading uptime and performance.
Resilient and highly available Cloud architecture.
Comprehensive security protections built in.
Real-time transparency and uptime reporting through our Trust Center.
Zero Trust security model offers highest level of protection.
Proven tools, processes, and partners to help customers transition to our Cloud.
Next-Generation Knowledge Protection
iManage brings a comprehensive and layered approach to security, from the industry-leading global cloud platform to sophisticated access controls, threat detection, and differentiated encryption. It allows unhindered collaboration and productivity, ensuring organisations remain the most secure stewards of their knowledge work.
Future proof knowledge security
Protect vital information with Zero Trust cloud architecture, geo‐isolation of data, and customer managed encryption keys.
Unobtrusive, secure productivity
Comprehensive, pervasive security and governance that works with your knowledge workers, not against them
Single source of truth
Solve complex deployment challenges with comprehensive, high performance data center coverage
Revolutionary access control
Granular and flexible need-to-know security and information barrier options to protect and segregate data at scale.
Reduced IT and organisation risk
Single integrated solution eliminates vendor gaps and improves information workflows.
Streamlined compliance
Automate highly manual processes to reduce organisational, business, and client/project risk and conflicts.
Key Features
Secure, state-of-the-art, cloud-based platform accessible on any device, anytime, from any global location.
Monitor, detect, and remediate threats to protect data loss with continual AI driven analytics and behavior modelling.
Built to operate in the most regulated industries for clients, customers, and business with the highest expectations.
Enhance confidence and collaborate securely with customer managed encryption keys (CMEK).
Embeds security and governance into the lifecycle of information and knowledge workflows.
Meet internal legal and ethical compliance mandates to satisfy General Counsel Guidelines (GCG).
Advanced data center and network security
iManage ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data:
  • Best-in-class (Tier III) data centers, SSAE18, PCI, ISO compliant facilities.
  • We lead the industry in disaster recovery and service availability for cloud DMS providers, with multi-gigabyte connectivity and replication policy.
Robust application security and compliance certification
iManage builds highly secure software that is continuously tested and follows industry-standard security practices and certifications:
  • Code tested via Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST).
  • All cloud products and applications independently penetration tested.
  • Compliance program that supports all ISO, SOC 2, 2+, and 3 frameworks.
Business content and communications management tailored to how you want to work and collaborate.
Work Productively
Get more value from business content and communications with the added power of artificial intelligence.
Work Smarter
Your business runs on uncovering and activating high-value knowledge. Make sure you do it securely.
Work Securely

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