The next generation of Work Product Management is here!
iManage has now released the much anticipated iManage Work 10 which includes iManage Work 10 Server and the new iManage Work web based interface. This marks a significant move to a responsive web based client which offers users the ability to access and manage their content through both web and mobile platforms, and through light-weight add-ons for Office, Outlook, and Acrobat Professional.
iManage Work 10 Responsive Web Interface
  • Providing users a zero footprint, responsive web interface, accessible through desktop and mobile browsers. This allows them to work from anywhere on just about any device, without always requiring a dedicated desktop client or mobile application. 
  • The new interface also provides a new approach to "what am I working on now" while still allowing the traditional My Workspaces/ My Matters view if needed.
  • Filters enable users to quickly refine the results, so that they can easily get to the items that are important.
  • Smart document preview for a better user experience when viewing files.
  • The Document Timeline view lets users see the entire history of the selected document across all versions at a single glance.
  • Conversation threads for emails are displayed by default in Recently Filed Emails and when browsing/searching within email folders.
  • Personalised Search - when doing a database-wide search for documents or emails, the initial search results are personalized to the logged-in user.
  • iManage Work 10 allows users to create folders within Workspaces and can enable 'Flexible Folders', where users are only restricted to create folders based on a template.
iManage Work 10 Email Management for MS Outlook 
iManage Work allows users to file an email to a single or multiple locations when sending an email. The user can decide to not file the email by selecting the 'Send Only' option. When sending the email, the user can select a location from a Suggestion or Recent Location. Five suggestions and Recent Locations are available to the user to select from.
Download iManage Work Email Management Datasheet
iManage Work 10 for Microsoft Office and Acrobat Professional 
iManage Work 10 allows users to open a document from iManage Work using Office (Word, PowerPoint, or Excel) and Acrobat Professional, without having Classic Desktop clients (DeskSite or FileSite) installed on the user's computer. The File Open dialog box is being served up from Work 10, instead of being a classic File Open dialog box.
iManage Control Center (iCC) 
iCC provides a responsive UI and enables administrators to manage their implementation in the iManage Cloud or on-premise from any device. It enables you to administer users, groups, and roles; configure custom metadata values; and set up system settings for document types, classes, applications, and captions. In addition, it allows pertinent administrative actions for documents, such as checking-in, unlocking or evaluating user's access of documents. The interface is designed to make it much easier to perform these tasks with the ability to perform functions such as multiple entities and search/filter to find the specific entity (or entities) for a task that needs action.
Download iManage Work Control Center Datasheet
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What can OIA do to help?
Please Contact Us for the following expert services… 
  • iManage Work 10 system readiness review
  • iManage Work 10 architecture and sizing
  • iManage Work 10 upgrade planning and implementation services
  • General iManage system health check
  • iManage Work 10 will also be an opportunity to improve user adoption & total cost of ownership - we can assist your organisation review and re-invent your DMS!!