Flexible and user friendly tools to help get the most out of your DMS
The amount of content, whether it be documents, emails or other content that needs to be stored, managed and tracked by firms today is almost overwhelming, particularly among legal, corporate and global firms, and increasingly for medium sized firms.
While an enterprise content management (ECM) solution or document management system (DMS) such as iManage
Work provides firms with an efficient way to organize their content, improvements can be valuable to get the most out of your information management system investment.
Our software products and tools help facilitate wide and faster integrations across corporate systems, adding value to your iManage Work implementation.
Known for easy-to-deploy, intuitive-to-use and highly configurable software solutions, RBRO’s range of products allow administrators, engineers and users to better access, organize,  and securely manage their iManage Work content.
RBRO offer software solutions in the following areas:

Consolidation, Migration & Archiving

Move your content with confidence
The need to move content is an ongoing concern for firms. Depending on a firm's needs, it may need to move content within iManage WorkSite, between WorkSite libraries or to another document management system. It may also need to move content from WorkSite to other company systems or to a network or local drive. Speed and accuracy are of utmost importance when it comes to moving content, as firms need to minimize WorkSite downtime and maintain the integrity of their document management systems.
RBRO offers a range of WorkSite consolidation, migration and archiving tools, including:
  • Transport - is a content transportation tool that moves content seamlessly across Worksite libraries without affecting their integrity. Transport has two important components:
    • Adminisitrative Transport - provides administrators the ability to perform mass copies of folders and documents from one workspace to another quickly and easily  
    • QuickCopy - which is now part of Transport, can be licenced seperately and copies WorkSite documents, folders and folder structures to another WorkSite Library
  • EasyImport - Allows end-users to quickly import documents or folders into WorkSite directly from the Microsoft Windows file system
  • ImportManagement - Mass imports documents into WorkSite from other document management systems
  • MailPort - Migrates email content into WorkSite


Ensure your end-users can leverage iManage Work easily for document and content management
The ultimate success of an organisation's iManage Work document management system (DMS) is a function of user adoption. iManage Work can only be successful in an organisation if users turn to their DMS for the majority of their content management needs.
RBRO offers a range of iManage Work enablement integration tools to assist users in getting the most out of the DMS, including:
  • CaseLink - Stores and retrieves CaseWare projects within iManage Work
  • EasyExport - Allows end-users to export workspaces, folders or documents out of iManage Work
  • EasyID - Customizes document identification information within your Microsoft Word documents
  • Link2DMS - Manages all content within iManage Work, regardless of file type
  • SafeDelete - Reduces risk and protects documents, even when inadvertently disposed
  • SureSave - Uploads saved document changes to iManage Work, without checking in the document


Effective organisation-wide content management
Configuring, managing and deploying iManage Work (formerly HP WorkSite) at an organisation-wide level is an important function that allows organisations to best leverage their content, while ensuring that there is adherence to corporate policies.
RBRO Solutions offers a wide range of provisioning tools to help administrators with managing iManage Work on an ongoing basis, including:
  • EasyFolders - Allows Administrators to create standardized template packages for availability to specific users and groups
  • FileManager - Enforces the completion of relevant metadata fields prior to the creation of workspaces from templates
  • ReFiler - Enables firms to file and update documents to their correct locations, based on the specific document’s metadata and templates
  • ShortcutsManagement - Allows Administrators to create and deliver standardized shortcut structures for firm-wide use
  • WorkspaceManagement (with MetadataManagement) - Allows for total administrative control of workspace structures through an intuitive visual interface

Support & Control

Software tools to help iManage Work administrators become more efficient
To manage an organisation's iManage Work document management system (DMS) on a daily basis is an ongoing challenge for IT administrators. From user management to ethical wall security to exporting documents to content safeguarding, the continuous requirements placed on iManage Work administrators can be daunting.
RBRO Solutions offers a wide range of Support & Control tools to help administrators manage iManage Work on a daily basis, including:
  • Sentry - Sentry is a real-time, web-based monitoring solution for iManage Work environments, enabling administrator’s unprecedented access to information in real-time from a very simple but powerful user interface. 
  • AccessManagement - Allows for the delegation of the management of iManage Work users, groups and roles to administrators without NRTAdmin access
  • ExportManagement - Allows administrators to schedule and automate the mass export of documents from iManage Work
  • HelpdeskAssistant - Enables helpdesk staff to perform advanced iManage Work functions without the need to have NRTAdmin access
  • MasterEthics - Provides peace of mind to organisations dealing with the issue of ethical wall security