Optimise access to your content and improve workflows with SeeUnity solutions.
SeeUnity helps businesses simplify how they access, manage, and interact with their enterprise content. SeeUnity’s products and solutions are built with out-of-the-box software products that are highly adaptable to each customer’s unique business needs. 
Integration of ECM systems has been the main focus of SeeUnity since its inception. SeeUnity now supports over 10 connectors including: Alfresco, Microsoft SharePoint, OpenText eDOCS, OpenText Content Server, iManage Work, IBM FileNet, and EMC Documentum.
OIA works with SeeUnity products to assist customers with migration and synchronisation solutions, solving some of the most complex integration challenges.
Echo Content Synchronisation
Echo Content Synchronisation helps manage content across different repositories. This is achieved through the easy configuration of archiving, publishing, or bi-directional synchronisation of documents, optionally, without any user interaction.
  • Publish documents from the repository of choice to external sources
  • Bi-directionally synchronise documents between repositories
  • Archive documents to the repository of choice and optionally delete or replace documents with a link or stub
  • Configure rules to be initiated based on triggers
  • Configurable to a variety of environments including on-premise, cloud, or hybrid cloud
Velocity Content Migration
Seamlessly move content to a new repository using one of the below methods:
Synchronised Migration - this method of migration allows documents to be moved while continuing to work in the old repository by synchronising content changes across repositories at the set interval of choice.

Blackout Migration - this method of migrating data allows documents to be moved to the repository of choice at one time while marking, deleting, or linking them from the old repository.
  • Advanced mappings for metadata, permissions, and more
  • Digital fingerprint recognition for content duplication identification and optional removal
  • Automatic or custom scheduling of migration
  • Batch reprocessing of errors
  • Document reference handling
Fusion Content Integration
A native ECM user experience that allows employees to access and manage content across one or more systems from within a single interface.
  • Drag and drop to upload documents into your system of record
  • Easily copy and move documents between repositories
  • Open and edit documents in Local MS Office or Office Online
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Email links to documents and convert and email PDF versions of document
Vortex Content Mobility
Vortex Content Mobility helps take ECM content on the go. This mobility solution provides access to multiple repositories such as iManage Work, OpenText eDOCS, OpenText Content Server, and Microsoft SharePoint from one easy to use app. The apps are available in two configurations to allow for both online and offline access to documents.
  • Take your documents on the go
  • Access content across multiple repositories
  • Improve user satisfaction with easy access to documents
  • Reduce time lost due to travel
  • Easily synchronize data changes made on the go

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