OIA Monitoring Solutions

OIA’s Monitoring Solution will significantly improve your productivity and efficiency with the power of automation. Our platform will monitor mission 
critical network components and their performance, and ensure you are getting the most out of your IT network.
OIA Monitoring Solutions
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What is real-time remote monitoring & management and why is it important?
Businesses are increasingly reliant on the ICT infrastructure that underpins and supports their daily operations. OIA’s real-time remote monitoring solution provides alerts and reporting for your critical infrastructure 24x7. 
The ability to continually monitor the stability and security of your IT infrastructure ensures maximum network uptime, increasing your efficiency and allowing clients to focus on their core business activities.
OIA’s Monitoring Platform (Proactive vs Reactive)


Many businesses today continue to use the reactive model and handle IT issues as they arise. Utilising OIA’s Monitoring Solution, the business will be immediately alerted of potential issues and in some cases, the issue will be automatically remediated before it causes down time or data loss. 
Reactive IT
Proactive IT
Proactive support gives your business the insights needed for effective planning and analysis to improve your current IT processes. You can also easily answer core IT business questions such as: 
  • What is the overall security level of our current system?
  • Are we running low on disk space?
  • Are all my application services running?
What does the OIA Remote Monitoring Tool monitor?
Server Monitoring 
Monitors the server for any issues that may arise in real-time and alert a nominated email of the issue.
Server Patch Management
Identification and automatic updating of all software patches and hotfixes to all servers.
Backup Monitoring
OIA can accurately monitor backup status in real-time, as well as perform on-demand actions.
Application Monitoring
Monitor your exchange server availability, SQL databases, file and print services and much more.
Endpoint Security Monitor
Comprehensive monitoring and deployment of virus definitions and updates so you know your system is always protected.
Customer Reports
The platform will generate regular customised reports that provide insight into your IT systems, including executive summaries, status reports, configuration and inventory statistics. Keeping you informed of the status of your IT network.
Network Devices
Ensure Wi-Fi Firewalls, Routers, NAS, SAN, UPS and switches are all monitored and alerts sent if any issues discovered.
Flexible Options
OIA can tailor a Monitoring Solution to best meet your specific requirements:
Basic Monitoring + Alerting
OIA will install and configure all necessary monitors on your network. We then send alerts direct to you for review. OIA can be available to provide assistance where required and support will be charged on a time and materials basis.
Monitoring + Reporting
OIA will install and configure all necessary monitors on your network and send all alerts to our Helpdesk for review by our experienced engineers. We will then advise you of the issue and provide recommendations on action to be taken, giving you the control over what work is done.
Customised Monitoring
OIA can tailor a monitoring solution to your specific needs. We will work with you to determine what systems need to be monitored and what happens when alerts are raised.
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