Accelerate business process adaptability with fluid workflow automation
The WorkflowGen BPM workflow software enables process designers to graphically design and implement workflows via a 100% in-browser application. WorkflowGen supports human-based and system-based workflows with integration of web services without programming. Process designers can define any business rules based on workflow data as well as conditions or exceptions based on workflow data or ready-to-use macros. WorkflowGen also supports complex workflow implementations with sub-process management.
Maximise the efficiency of process designers and developers
Enable process designers to visually create web forms and business rules without programming. Let developers implement complex integrations and transform web forms into sophisticated business apps in a low-code application development environment.
Adapt processes in real time to meet ever-changing business conditions.
Automate any type of human and system-based enterprise process
Benefit from the most intuitive way to create form-based processes by using the Interactive Workflow View. Handle dozens of requests in seconds thanks to Quick Mass Approval. Create powerful custom reports and charts using your process data with Advanced Views.
Workflow Diagram
Customise and integrate your workflow apps to fit your environment
Deploy a full-featured embeddable customised workflow portal and native mobile apps. Connect with existing systems via web services, .NET assemblies, and workflow applications. Synchronise users with your directory and provide authentication via Active Directory, SSO, or other systems.
Discover WorkflowGen's exclusive BPM and integration features
WorkflowGen User Interface
Expand internationally with a full-scale multi-language enterprise solution
Leverage a solution used by Fortune 500 companies since 2003 for worldwide business-critical applications. Rely on out-of-the-box workflow management features for high scalability and localisation. Benefit from the expertise of specialists involved in large-scale deployments at every stage of your project.
WorkflowGen Chinese Language Interface