Work Product Management

A professional ecosystem for every project.
iManage Work Product Management helps you organise and track the complete lifecycle of a professional engagement – from before it is opened, until content is disposed of in concert with policy.
Document +
Email Management

Transform how you work and collaborate with Documents and Email

Security + Information Governance

Govern and secure your critical work product


Harness the power of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence


Document and Email Management

Work more productively: Transform how you work and collaborate with documents and emails
iManage empowers you to create, manage and collaborate on documents and emails from anywhere on any device. Built from the ground up to meet the needs of professionals, iManage is relied upon by over 1 million professionals globally. Continuous user research delivers innovative new features that make iManage the system demanded by users not mandated by IT.
A single, mobile-first user interface ensures a consistent experience across phones, tablets and desktops, with apps that feel familiar from your use of common Internet applications. Innovative search capabilities integrate the power of AI to unlock more value from your information, and fully integrated secure file sharing and collaboration enables you to streamline how you work with internal and external stakeholders.
Bring documents and emails together
iManage combines emails and documents into a single project file for matter centric collaboration. Professionals can manage emails and documents side by side with other work product, improving productivity and saving valuable billable time. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365, MS Outlook, Gmail and Lotus Notes makes emails that are typically isolated in individual in-boxes part of a searchable, shared and governed engagement file.
Based on user learned behaviour, iManage can suggest locations and devices for filing emails as well as automatically file emails based on conversations. Integration with other leading productivity tools including Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft SharePoint, further extends the productivity benefits of iManage.
iManage Send & File Interface
iManage Cloud

All the power of iManage delivered in a secure cloud, for a low subscription fee.

iManage Share

Easily and securely share and collaborate with clients, service providers and other outside parties.

iManage Work 10

The leading document and email management system for today's modern professional.

Security and Information Governance

Work safer: Govern and secure all critical work product
Organisations in legal, accounting, finance and other industries are facing new and sophisticated forms of security threats that require innovative technology to protect sensitive information. With rising customer demands and regulatory requirements, companies are also under pressure to secure and manage client information to a higher standard.
iManage delivers need-to-know security, protects sensitive information from phishing and internal threats and supports ethical walls and client audit requests, all without burdening the user with additional steps and work. Using iManage, organisations work safer with products that govern and secure their critical information.
Innovative approach to securing sensitive data
iManage secures and governs critical work product throughout a project or engagement lifecycle - from inception to closure and beyond. Innovative capabilities such as security policy management allows the enterprise to easily manage global security policies at scale, including need-to-know access, ethical walls and internal segregation to minimise the impact of a security breach. Powered by AI and machine learning, iManage delivers 24/7 continuous threat detection, monitoring and reporting capabilities to protect your organisation's sensitive information across any device, anywhere.
Leveraging the industry’s leading records management product with over 500,000 users, iManage provides unified records management capabilities across physical and electronic records, allowing you to set governance policies consistently and comprehensively. Tight integration between records and content management means busy professionals do not have to take extra steps or slow down to focus on governance – it is all fully integrated with a simple click.
iManage Threat Manager Interface
iManage Records Manager

Manage physical and electronic assets for retention and governance.

iManage Security Policy Manager

Manage security at scale, including need-to-know access, ethical walls and internal segregation to minimize the impact of a security breach.

iManage Threat Manager

24/7 continuous protection of sensitive data from internal and external threats from any device anywhere.


Artificial Intelligence

Work smarter: AI makes content smarter
iManage transforms how professionals get work done by combining the power of artificial intelligence with market leading document and email management.
iManage helps organizations work smarter by exposing AI capabilities in both products as well as features within the iManage product portfolio.
Gain powerful information at your fingertips, get more out of your data and add value across the entire enterprise.
Introducing iManage RAVN
iManage RAVN is a unique content engine that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain new insights and automate routine cognitive tasks. This revolutionary engine can automatically classify, find, extract and predict information from large volumes of unstructured data sets and documents enabling professionals to access the right information at the right time.
iManage RAVN automatically understands the structure of your document, can cluster data based on similar search terms, and extract and analyse key information from large volumes of data. Advanced enterprise search capabilities link knowledge assets to personnel via an integrated dashboard and professionals can train the engine to read documents and extract valuable KPIs. iManage RAVN delivers new forms of cost reduction and competitive advantage to your organisation.
iManag RAVN Architecture
iManage Insight

Search across the enterprise to leverage previous work, hidden expertise and other insights to help you better understand your business.

iManage Insight Interface
iManage RAVN technology
iManage RAVN brings together technologies from the fields of Information Processing and AI (Artificial Intelligence) in a coherent, corporate-ready solution stack. Built on the foundation of a flexible connectivity layer, iManage RAVN contains semantic and cognitive components which are leveraged by a set of three applications, to provide end-to-end management, discovery, analysis, and governance of unstructured corporate data, including the capability to extract and distil information contained within documents.
The integrated schemaless object store allows easy changes to the index and next generation enterprise search technology can learn from previous searches and present the most relevant search results to the user.
Using a modular approach, iManage RAVN works with any data type and can connect to any data source such as file shares, document management, CRM Finance and Intranet systems. The embedded iManage RAVN Security Server provides a unified, security model which respects the security credentials of all enterprise content.