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The Platform for Making Knowledge Work 
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For organisations that run on knowledge, iManage is the platform that gives you an edge. Their knowledge work platform empowers you to work together intelligently and securely, unlocking your productivity and expertise to drive better business outcomes. 

Every product they build aims to enable the core function. Their platform is focused on making knowledge work because they recognise knowledge is the engine that drives performance and the source of true value to customers. 


iManage is a catalyst that activates your expertise to create value for the business


iManage organises projects with context and safe sharing, so teams can achieve a common goal, anywhere.


iManage solves the tension between security and ease of use by baking world-class governance into workflows.


iManage democratises knowledge work innovation with a vibrant ecosystem of partners and integration.

Key Benefits

Removes the cost and complexity of managing on-premises systems.

Embedded AI capabilities unlock knowledge and enable smarter workflow.

Comprehensive governance and security protections built into the platform.

Thriving ecosystem of technology partners integrated with iManage Universal APIs.

Collaborating at Work

iManage Work

Intelligent Document & Email Management

For organizations that run on knowledge, iManage Work is a catalyst that activates expertise to create value. With a combination of automation, powerful search, better visibility, and collaboration, Work empowers knowledge workers to deliver better business outcomes.​

Differentiate your work product

Drive productivity, eliminate bottlenecks, and empower knowledge workers to do their best work

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Work your way, anywhere  

Empower teams to create and share content securely, from anywhere and on any device.

Single source of truth

One secure resource for documents and communications across the entire organisation.

Eliminate roadblocks to collaboration

Empower teams to collaborate securely from anywhere, so you can work together to achieve common goals.

Key Benefits

Manage documents and emails more efficiently and intuitively.

Mobile-first design lets users work from anywhere on any device.

Smart and powerful Search cuts through clutter to deliver personalised results.

Secure and seamless collaboration lets teams connect effectively and share safely from anywhere.

Streamline everyday tasks like emailing documents and saving work to custom folders.

Tight integration with Microsoft Office enables users to be more productive in Outlook and Teams.


iManage Cloud

Cloud Platform for Knowledge Work 

The iManage Cloud empowers knowledge workers to be productive from anywhere in a safe, secure environment. iManage's unique cloud platform delivers against our client's needs of security, reliability, and performance while reducing cost and complexity, and increasing business agility.

Performance that drives adoption

Engineered to deliver a better, faster user experience.

Security for vital information

Comprehensive cloud security built on Zero Trust architecture.

Enhanced business agility

Highly scalable and extensible to match your business requirements.

Improved efficiency

Removes the cost and complexity of managing on-premises systems.

Key Benefits

Industry-leading uptime and performance.

Resilient and highly available Cloud architecture.

Comprehensive security protections built in.

Real-time transparency and uptime reporting through our Trust Center.

Zero Trust security model offers highest level of protection.

Proven tools, processes, and partners to help customers transition to our Cloud.

Office Employees

iManage Share

Fast, Easy & Secure Collaboration

iManage Share is the first and only solution to fully integrate professional work product management and secure file sharing. With iManage Share, professionals can provision a new sharing site, upload scrubbed and secured content and start collaborating with external parties — with a single click.

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Seamlessly Integrate with iManage Work

iManage Share extends iManage Work projects to include secure, cloud-based

Governance & Security meets ease-of-use

iManage Share provides industry-leading security to protect your client’s files.

Provision Users Quickly & Easily

Because iManage Share is a cloud-based service, getting started is quick and easy. 

Key Benefits

Share, edit and collaborate on work product in a single interface.

Share files as secure links directly from Outlook.

Automatically create new workspaces and add collaborators.

Give your client access to their documents from a single responsive interface.

Share and securely collaborate with customers from your smartphone or tablet.

Secure and governed-shared workspace inherits security from the project in iManage Work.

Abstract Background

iManage Drive

Document Management Done Right

iManage Drive empowers every knowledge worker to work more productively with business content and communications. Drive looks and feels like a shared network drive, enabling users to easily store, search, and retrieve documents with no training required.

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Drive broader user adoption

Engage every user with an intuitive, easy-to-use experience.

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Improve knowledge management

Ensure that high-value content is secure, searchable, and shareable to improve collaboration and knowledge management.

Enhance security and governance

Eliminate security risks from information silos and unsecured drives.

Work your way, anywhere
work your way anywhere.png

Take documents or workspaces offline, then sync changes automatically when you reconnect.

Key Benefits

Looks and feels like a Windows Explorer network drive.

Users can take documents or entire workspaces offline, do their work, then sync automatically.

Installs in two minutes, with no IT support required.

Tools to help power users do more, like rename files in bulk, work with zip files, or uploading to third-party apps.

Lets users access, edit, and save documents directly to Work 10.

Delivers faster performance and a better user experience for remote offices.

Smart Alarm System

iManage Security Policy Manager

Secure & Protect Sensitive Information

iManage Security Policy Manager allows organizations to enforce need-to-know security and information barriers at scale to meet the growing needs of client, regulatory, and company obligations without sacrificing user productivity and system performance — from an intuitive, role-based interface with anywhere, anytime access.

minimise organisational risks.png
Minimise organisational risk

Segmenting critical content helps minimize the impact of a cyber breach by limiting data exposure.

Eliminate performance issues

Security updates applied efficiently to remove challenges associated with administrating policies at scale.

knowledge management.png
Secure knowledge curation

Granular and flexible policy models foster knowledge innovation whilst respecting company security mandates.

Remove process bottlenecks

Reduce the burden on IT and risk teams by delegating security policy management to authorised users.

Key Benefits

Security and governance built into the fabric of the knowledge platform to protect all content.

Visual cues in iManage Work and Records Manager clients clearly indicate security policies, eliminating access ambiguity.

Extensible REST API and agent framework broadens the reach of Security Policy Manager to support new systems.

The end-user console allows knowledge workers an "at-a-glance" view of the highly sensitive projects they are authorised to work on.

Options allow assistants to follow timekeepers to enable automatic enforcement of access rights and exclusions.

Email policies defined in Security Policy Manager can be enforced by partner products.

Three Coworkers

iManage Threat Manager

Advanced Threat Detection, Mitigation & Compliance Monitoring

iManage Threat Manager helps organisations protect sensitive information from internal and external threat vectors using innovative technology including adaptive behavior modeling and machine learning to continuously monitor, alert and secure critical knowledge work.

search utlisation.png
Detect non-filers

Help comply with regulatory, organisation, or client mandates and policies.

Increase confidence

Compliance and Governance reports show how sensitive information is managed with better visibility and control for audit enquiry.

Manage and control risk

Reduce the risk associated with lateral departures, employee attrition and user error.

Easy to deploy

Rapid setup and simple activation as part of the iManage Knowledge Platform, on any device at any location.

Key Benefits

Security and governance built into the fabric of the knowledge platform to protect all content.

Visual cues in iManage Work and Records Manager clients clearly indicate security policies, eliminating access ambiguity.

Extensible REST API and agent framework broadens the reach of Security Policy Manager to support new systems.

The end-user console allows knowledge workers an "at-a-glance" view of the highly sensitive projects they are authorised to work on.

Options allow assistants to follow timekeepers to enable automatic enforcement of access rights and exclusions.

Email policies defined in Security Policy Manager can be enforced by partner products.

Vertical File Cabinet

iManage Records Manager

Governance for Physical & Electronic Records

iManage Records Manager provides a central interface with advanced capabilities to manage both physical and electronic records.

In Records Manager, administrators can set governance policies, retention periods, and disposition rules and monitor and enforce compliance without introducing burden or overhead for today’s busy knowledge professional user.

Flexible Retention Policies

Retention policies can be applied to content in Work and Records Manager, as well as Windows file share and other systems.

Increase productivity & insights

Role specific dashboards provide customised views of key metrics to quickly find relevant information from a modern web-based interface.

Single Policy Control

Eliminate the need to control and manage records retention policies in multiple systems.

Automate Disposition

Track and handle the end-to-end process of eligible content disposition to reduce risks and comply with regulations.

Key Benefits

Only authorised records management application which seamlessly integrates with iManage Work.

Integration with iManage Security Policy Manager provides need-to-know access controls to sensitive content across different departments and multiple teams.

Records are visible alongside documents and emails in iManage Work.

Automatic declaration of records and assignment of retention policies improves user adoption.

Reduces business risk with policy-based retention, archiving and disposition rules.

Offers easy transition from legacy records management systems, such as LegalKEY and Elite 3E.

Financial Report

iManage Tracker

Project - Centric Task & Checklist Management
imanage tracker.png

iManage Tracker is the first and only task management application fully integrated with iManage Work 10, reducing context-switching to improve productivity. Tracker management is designed to empower knowledge workers and their leaders to take control of their work. With Tracker, users can organise tasks and content, improve visibility and reduce risk.

project centric.png

Keeps documents, emails, and tasks organised by client, matter, and/or project.

Full-project visiblilty

Tracker provides both a high-level and detailed overview of all tasks, organised at the client, project, user,or matter level, for better visibility into your work.

Built to scale

Reduce time lost on manual re-keying and standarize team processes with pre-populated lists.

Target Working.png
Works where you work

Natively embedded with both iManage Work and Microsoft Office.

Key Benefits

Organises all tasks by matter, client, or project, and provides immediate visibility from any platform with iManage Work.

Enables one-click access directly from a task to the relevant document or email message.

Fully integrated with Microsoft Office tools and iManage Work to reduce time looking for content.

Dynamic workflows to manage review and approval, identify any roadblocks, and manage project status. 

Easily converts emails into tasks with simple drag and drop, so assignments are visible in the task list, and nothing gets missed

Need to know security and ethical walls protect unintended disclosure of sensitive information.

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