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iManage Cloud Migration

OIA’s approach to successful iManage Cloud migrations starts with a deep analysis of existing platforms, systems, integrations, and business use cases. This takes the form of a Cloud Readiness Review actioned by experienced consultants and delivers reports and recommendations as per core software and supported platforms; general system review & data health; integration software & support; and cloud migration tasks and elements.

Cloud Readiness Review reports give us two key outputs:

1. Ensure we understand all the touch points and inclusions for the migration project, that will translate into a project elements map, a services plan, and realistic project scope and timeline.

2. Surface any areas that the customer needs to address before embarking on an iManage Cloud migration (e.g replacement/upgrade of legacy software, redevelopment of COM customisations) 

To ensure we commit the required focus to the various element of the migration, OIA’s project team includes the assignment of an experienced technical project manager, an experienced technical lead(s) AND engages with the global leader of iManage Cloud migration software. This project team model allows our technical lead(s) to focus on commissioning of the cloud, back-end integration, desktop packaging, UAT, etc. while the contained element of the Work library migration is executed in parallel by proven & experienced migration engineers and software. Essentially allowing the experts in each element to excel while being part of a highly collaborating team. 

Project Governance Activities
  • Detailed project plan and critical path

  • Task management platform​​

  • Risk, Issues, and bug tracking (UAT) platform

  • Project documentation deliverables including technical architecture, integration design, and desktop design

  • Weekly status reports and meetings

  • Daily stand-up meetings during high-volume work periods

  • Close engagement with iManage Cloud services

  • Project Overview, peer reviews, iManage reviews

With the definitive scope, proven plan, and experts combined to form our overall approach, OIA's underlying project methodology is used to manage and execute the various element and streams. 

Proven Project Methodology & Steps
Preparation & Scope

Our team will work closely with our customer’s technical and business teams to complete solutions inclusions, contracts, start dates, etc. Following that, a complete scoping and definition process including team members & contacts, timelines, charter, comms plan, and platforms.  

Technical Architecture

Our technical experts will assess all the elements in the scope, the existing customer environment, and the project deliverables to document the intended solution to be implement, on-prem server & service requirements and network overview. 

Commission iManage Cloud

OIA’s experienced iManage consultants will work closely with iManage Cloud and the customer’s technical resources, to stand up iManage Cloud services, connect back end integrated solutions (authentication, integrations, notifications), baseline performance testing and functional smoke testing. 

Work DMS Data Migration

Using the best of breed tools, the migration engineer will perform analysis of source data, stage the data and transformations and perform a baseline uplift of each database, working closely with the implementation team to resolve technical and business-related data issues and transformations. Following all database baselines and remediation, delta processes will be run at appropriate intervals until go live. 

Integration Re-Implementation /Redevelopment

Based on the cloud readiness outcomes, OIA consultants will re-configure, or re-implement solutions integrated with iManage Work. Most prominent here in the practice management system/workspace generation integration. During this period, any desktop software (iManage Work Desktop) is repackaged and tested for iManage Cloud. 

Testing & Acceptance/Training

With the iManage Cloud commissioned, data uplifted and integrations redefined, technical testing of the solution is completed before running a User Acceptance Testing phase to validate data, service and desktop functionality. The business is given a period to sign off the UAT phase before moving into go live. 

Cut Over & Go Live

Careful planning in undertaken to collate all the tasks that are either dependencies or need to be completed leading into the cut-over and go live – usually via a go live checklist. Going into the cut-over point, the final delta migration of iManage Work databases is completed, the desktop package is retrofitted or redeployed, technical validation and business validation is completed before moving to go live. Following go live, OIA provides a hyper care period to support the customer with the change, before handing over to Business As Usual support with OIA’s dedicated iManage support team. 

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