iManage transforms the information held in business content and communications into high-value knowledge. For organisations that run on knowledge, iManage Work is a catalyst that activates expertise to create value. With a combination of automation, powerful search, better visibility, and collaboration, Work empowers knowledge workers to deliver better business outcomes.​
OIA are uniquely placed to help you rethink. your business requirements and transform. your iManage investment with unparalleled domain expertise and experience in designing, deploying, and supporting iManage solutions.
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iManage: at the core, iManage provides the platform which will allow organisations to “transform” their use of document management.  Access your work product from anywhere, on any device, in a single user experience. Designed by professionals for professionals, iManage features dozens of new enhancements to make you more productive and makes it easy than ever to collaborate with your team and stakeholders in a secure and governed manner.
Infrastructure Requirements + Cloud:  a move to the latest version of iManage provides an opportunity to pause and assess your on-premise infrastructure requirements or a move to the cloud.  It is also an opportunity to revisit 3rd applications an see if they are still relevant.
Workspace + Metadata Relevance: many of our clients have had iManage in place for many years, perhaps still using the original Workspace and Metadata designs.  In improving the end user experience, a review of how users interact these structures and whether they still work for the business is certain highlight areas for improvement.
User Experience + Adoption: a key driver for many clients upgrading their iManage environment is the new user experience.  Simply dropping in a new UI will be an improvement but we think clients need to revisit the user community and involve them in the UX discussion.  This is very much linked to a review of Workspace + Metadata structures and they are often the source of user frustration and low adoption rates.
Knowledge: the iManage platform utilises artificial intelligence and powerful document and email management to create connections across data, systems, and people while leveraging the context of organisational content to fuel deep insights, informed business decisions, and collaboration. Underpinned by advanced, need-to-know security, iManage delivers sophisticated governance approaches and enables workflows that help solve complex business challenges and enable better business outcomes.
Process Improvement: in considering a new and improved experience for end users, the business may have an opportunity to implement or refine existing business processes.  OIA can provide solutions which will improve efficiency and eliminate many of the existing out-dated manual processes. These can result in cost reduction and improved control.
Threat Management: relying on infrastructure based security on the perimeter of the network is no longer sufficient in the current world.  We have seen customer data targeted by malicious attacks and it is entirely possible that existing customers will experience potential data leakage from within or external in this new world.  iManage Security Policy Manager and iManage Threat Manager deliver powerful security enhancements, giving you complete confidence and peace of mind that your critical work product is protected by solutions designed for today's security threats.