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iManage Work Implementation Case Study

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​Located in Melbourne, MolinoCahill Lawyers work on projects Australia-wide and overseas providing specialist legal advice to clients involved in the construction, infrastructure, technology, defense, energy and resource sectors.


In late 2017 MolinoCahill were in search of a dedicated, industrial-strength document management system.  Up until this point in time they were primarily using their practice management system to store documents. The shortcomings of this solution was that it left little ability to manage their emails efficiently as well as taking a lot of space on their existing file server. The firm also required another method for collaboration purposes as the Public Folders functionality in their Outlook email system was going to be redundant once they had migrated to Exchange Online.


As MolinoCahill doesn’t have internal IT resources, they were interested in a Cloud based document management solution which could be managed on their behalf. OIA recommended the iManage Cloud Work product as it met all their requirements for a DMS as well as lessening the overhead on the firm’s on-premise infrastructure.

Once product demonstration had occurred MolinoCahill selected the iManage Work 10 Solution which includes the Work Desktop for Windows web-based client, email management, iManage Mobility and iManage Share which filled the gap for their collaboration needs once they had migrated to Exchange Online.

“iManage has eased the pressure/reliance on our on-site server and made it much easier to work on documents remotely. Previously our documents and emails were stored in different locations and emails were filed manually which was time-consuming and inefficient.  Now emails are filed as they are sent and are stored alongside documents in each workspace in iManage.” 
- Kerry Alexander, MolinoCahill  


OIA Solution Engineers conducted the product implementation and transitioned MolinoCahill to be one of the first law firms to adopt iManage Work 10 Desktop for Windows.


OIA’s team migrated the firms documents and emails from their Lexis Nexis Affinity Practice Management System to iManage using the ImportManagement product from RBRO Solutions. OIA also configured a direct connection to ensure iManage updated workspaces based on data from Affinity. 


OIA ensured Molino Cahill were supported throughout the transition by conducting internal training and familiarised the users to the simplified browser-based interface. iManage Mobility increased productivity allowing staff to access files regardless of location or bandwidth.  


MolinoCahill has been happy with OIA’s involvement throughout implementation and aftercare and have recently renewed their subscription to iManage Cloud for a second subscription term.

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