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Infrastructure Upgrade Case Study

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Arns & Associates is a progressive boutique law firm based in Perth. The practice was established 25 years ago and specialises in commercial dispute resolution and inheritance claims, ranging from managing high-level corporate insolvency matters through to assisting with efficient small debt recovery. Arns identified a need for specialised IT advice and support, in order to prepare an overall IT strategy and to carry out server and infrastructure upgrades.


Arns & Associates initially approached OIA in 2001 to prepare an IT strategy and direction guide, which went on to the company commissioning OIA to enact items which the report found were required, and to take care of all IT support and advice. Arns has now worked with OIA for almost 20 years, and in this time, OIA has completed four server and infrastructure upgrades, two of which were full environment replacements. The most recent server and infrastructure upgrade was performed by OIA in 2018 and consisted of a complete IT refresh of all hardware and software.


Arns has had a strong working relationship with OIA for almost twenty years, trusting OIA to provide IT advice and support as well as servicing their hardware and software needs. OIA has continuously demonstrated an ability to efficiently rectify any issues that arise and communicate effectively on the problem and the resolution that is required. This reliability and expertise have meant that Arns have trusted OIA to perform four upgrades in their environment and to provide general technical support advice.

''We’ve found the upgrades always go well, because the technicians come out and explain to us what we’re getting and why, and the equipment’s always been good quality. It’s always been professional attention and professional support that really differentiates OIA.’’
- Ceris Arns, Practise Manager 

Implementing the Solution

OIA provided effective communication on all work and equipment that was being delivered to Arns ensuring the client was well informed and understood what steps were being taken. All issues that arose during upgrades were attended to and resolved in a timely and accurate manner.

The work environment implemented for Arns highlighted OIA's expert knowledge and understanding that Cloud is not always the right fit as clients’ needs are unique.  OIA's ability to consult in a cloud agonistic way saw a hybrid solution created for Arns to allow emails being stored in the Cloud and all other information stored in-house. This flexibility also allowed Arns to purchase products outright rather than paying for a monthly subscription.

The equipment supplied to Arns by OIA for the infrastructure upgrades was of high quality and lasted for several years as OIA ensured it was regularly serviced.

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