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Smarter Drafter

Smarter Drafter is a complete document automation platform for your organisation. From instruction to eSignature, Smarter Drafter integrates seamlessly with your existing practice solutions, managing the complete document lifecycle within a matter.
Why companies need document automation

Automation enables staff to draft complex documents in a fraction of the time. 


Repeatable document creation using pre-designed templates and clauses, daving time compared to manual methods.


Reduce errors by automatically populating, and verifying documents with client specific details.

Centralised Control

Maintain up-to-date precedents to ensure compliance with legal standards and updates, utlimately reducing risk from outdated content.

Focus on Strategy

Free professinals to concentrate on strategic tasks rather than manual document management

State-of-the-art Document Assembly

Meet the unique needs of each client while maintaining both legal compliance and firm branding.

Whether the precedents are provided by Smarter Drafter (Australia Only) through a third-party specialist content partner or curated by a firm using the 'Build Your Own' capability, the time spent drafting is dramatically reduced when using Smarter Drafter. 

Users are guided step-by-step through the creation process with the client document dynamically adapting the answers provided.

Dynamic Questionnaire

The online Q&A form guides users through every precedent step-by-step, dynamically adapting to their answers and prompting for the required information to complete the client document. If a user answers 'yes' to a specific question, further details are requested; if 'no', the  system skips ahead seamlessly.

Built-in Guidance

At every stage, users receive continuous support with on-screen prompts, tips, and definitions relevant to the section of the precedent being completed. This built-in guidance ensures that users have the necessary assistance and information to accurately complete their documents. 

Clause Inclusion/Exclusion

The document is assembled to include or exclude specific clauses and paragraphs based on the answers given in the Q&A form. Each included clause is automatically formatted, numbered, and populated with relevant data variables, such as client or matter details. 


The Q&A form detects the required pluralisation and applies it instantly throughout the client document. Examples include changing "Claimant" to "Claimants," "Defendant" to "Defendants," and "Child" to "Children".


The selected pronoun is applied consistently throughout the client document, ensuring accuracy and uniformity. This feature helps maintain proper pronoun usage based on the context provided. 

Repeatable Content

The software efficiently processes and formats repeating data, regardless of the amount, ensuring correct insertion and adherence to formatting rules. This intelligent feature handles any quantity of data, from a few instances to hundreds, maintaining proper numbering and structure throughout the document. 

Smarter than Find and Replace

The law can be complex in a way that simple 'if this, then that' automation logic simply cannot cover. Conditionality underpins all stages of the document assembly process within Smarter Drafter ensuring that complex scenarios (e.g if this and this and not that) can be built directly into the automation.


Based on the answers provided, the conditionality changes the next questions presented (or not) to the client. The conditionality can be applied down to the values within a dropdown field, the radio buttons that can be selected, the minimum dollar amount entered, or the earliest date that can be entered.


Smarter Drafter guides both staff and clients through every step in a matter. The guidance delivered on screen can also be conditionally updated based on the scenario.

Document and Clause Inclusion

Conditionality within Smarter Drafter drives the drafting outcome, ensuring that all necessary documents from precedent library are included and the correct clauses are applied in all instances.

Cloud, Virtual, Software

SD-WAN & Edge

A complete document workflow with the lawyer always in the loop

Unqiuely Smarter Drafter is a complete end-to-end solution. From online instruction-taking that populates precedent data, to the ability to finalise and add additional bespoke clauses in MS Word to a fully integrated eSignature capability.

Smarter Drafter can effectively eliminate up to 5 systems that have traditionally been daisy-chained together to deliver the same outcome.

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Underpinned by Integrations

Integrate with your practice management system (PMS) for matter details, Google Maps for accurate addresses and the Australian Business Register for the correct company details.

At the end of the process save your completed documents directly to your document management system (DMS).

Secure at Every Stage

Security matters when working with sensitive client information. Take security risks off the table with our Australian-hosted solution.

Australian Hosted

Hosted onshore, with the latest Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.

ISO Certified

Smarter Drafter is certified

ISO 27001

End-to-end Encryption

Latest version of TSL and data encrypted at rest.

2 Factor Authentication

Extra layer to keep your data protected.

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