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Draftable and Draftable Legal are both document comparison solutions, but they cater to different needs. Draftable is a general document comparison tool that allows users to compare any two documents. It highlights all differences and changes between the documents, making it easier to review and identify alterations. Draftable Legal, is specifically designed for legal teams. It offers a secure desktop application for comparing legal documents and provides redline comparisons for a more efficient review process. Draftable Legal is built to integrate with the firms document management system and in-house formatting styles, and it can handle multiple document formats.

It's easy to see what's changed with Draftable.

Side by Side View

Our side-by-side view lets you track changes in seconds. As you scroll, both docs stay in sync.

Export to PDF

Export comparisons to PDF format for easy sharing with others. Available with both single-page & side-by-side view

Single Page View

Switch to a single page view to see all changes in a redline view.

Content & Text Style Changes

Export comparisons to PDF format for easy sharing with others. Available with both single-page & side-by-side view

Change List

See every change together in one list. Click on a change that interests you, and you’ll be taken to that point in the doc.

Enterprise Ready

Battle-hardened and heavily tested, Draftable has been used to compare over 10 million documents. Service level guarantees available.

Compare Effortlessly
Designed using human-centered methodologies, Draftable turns tedious work into a simple task. Using Draftable is a truly seamless experience, so you can focus on what really matters.
Compare between files
Draftable's unique comparisons work beautifully, no matter what file types you work with. Compare PDFWordPowerPoint and Excel files with confidence and never miss a change.

Cloud, Virtual, Software

SD-WAN & Edge

Compare Securely
We know how important your documents are, that’s why all of our products are designed with data security and privacy at front of mind

Product Features

Draftable release new features monthly/quarterly based on feedback from customers.

Comparison Output
  • Word with tracked changes

  • PDF redline

  • PDF with changed pages only

  • PowerPoint with tracked changes

  • Excel via Spreadsheet Compare

  • Side-by-side

  • Microsoft Office, including Word & Outlook

  • iManage Cloud / On-Premises

  • NetDocuments

  • SharePoint

  • Worldox

  • Epona 365

Document File Type
  • Word

  • PDF

  • PowerPoint

  • Excel

  • Text files and free text

  • Scanned PDF documents (built-in OCR)

  • Enterprise deployment options: Executable, per-user & machine-wide MSI installers

  • Deployment for individual systems or Citrix & Remote Desktop Services with InTune support

  • Group Policy configurations

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