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Parker Black & Forrest

Managed Services Case Study

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Parker Black & Forrest are based in Osbourne Park, Western Australia and are the states leading commercial distributors of door hardware, master keying systems, washroom equipment and associated fittings. The company saw a need for OIA’s Managed Services as they required proactive IT support that could mostly be provided remotely in order to save time and have issues resolved quickly, increasing productivity.


Parker Black & Forrest were searching for an IT provider to provide them value-for-money, proactive and efficient support. The drivers for changing to OIA were to minimise interruptions to work and resolve issues in a more timely manner, with support provided remotely where possible.


OIA’s Managed Services allows staff at Parker Black & Forrest (PBF) to quickly log support tickets via email, and have the peace of mind that the issue will be resolved in a timely manner.
PBF receives proactive support from OIA staff and advice which has helped them to prevent issues from occurring in the first
place, which reduces down-time and improves productivity. This helps reduce the number of Helpdesk tickets submitted and number of interruptions during the user’s day-to-day work.

OIA Managed Services

Technology changes fast, as does the security threats that businesses of all sizes face. Managing day to day operations of your Information Technology can be time consuming and costly if not done properly.
OIA’s Managed Services Agreements are designed to remove the responsibility from you to us, leaving you free to run your business, with the comfort that your IT is being managed by qualified staff in a cost-effective manner.

We have comprehensive technical competence, knowledge and experience to provide a solid, cost effective ICT platform as well as the ability to guide and advise our clients on the latest IT trends.

What are the benefits of a Managed Service Agreement with OIA?

  • One Flat Fee per user per month giving you a predictable spend on your IT support

  • Unlimited phone support

  • Mitigation of risks

  • Maintain file servers and backups

OIA Monitoring Solution

OIA’s Monitoring Solution will significantly improve your productivity and efficiency with the power of automation. Our monitoring solution is available as a standalone offering but also comes included with our Managed Services Agreements.
Our platform will monitor mission critical network components and performance and ensure you are getting the best performance out of your IT network.

Many businesses today continue to use the reactive model and handle IT issues as they arise. Through continual monitoring with OIA’s monitoring platform, the business will be immediately alerted of potential issues and in some cases, the issue will automatically be remediated before it causes down time or data loss.
Real-time monitoring & management conducts oversight of your network and IT assets 24x7. This ability to continually monitor the stability and security of your IT network ensures maximum network uptime, increasing your efficiency and focus on the core business functions.

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