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Red Nose

IT Infrastructure Upgrade Case Study

Red Nose is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to save babies' lives through education and research. They are predominately self-funded through initiatives such as Red Nose Day, raffle programs and community donations. 

Office Information Australia nominated Red Nose as one of their supporting charities to assist with a much-needed infrastructure upgrade. With the help of a Lotterywest grant as well as pro bono technical support from OIA their IT system is now ready for future planned solutions.

The Need

With aging IT infrastructure, Red Nose were unable to move into the future and run more advanced applications. The software which had previously been donated was no longer relevant for what they required adnd this resulted in a number of issues that were impacting day-to-day business. It was evident an upgrade was required to provide improved IT services to staff. This would, in turn, make it easier and faster to deliver information and support to the community. 

Red Nose has an end goal in mind where they hoped to implement a new CRM system and medical tracking software would benefit them both now and in the future. 


To prepare for additional planned solutions new workstations, printers and phone systems were installed. To improve connectivity the office was also fitted with a wireless network. Additional installation included new servers with redundancy, high-level performance and networking equipment with the capability of running a number of different software applications.  

OIA was able to introduce high availability which will increase system reliability and reduce the possibility of any minor failures. This will provide staff continued access to data and customer information.
With a new terminal server in place software updates are now much easier. Red Nose can maintain a controlled environment and also reduce the risk of viruses. This has already demonstrated significant improvements; when hit by a computer virus the new system allowed for fast recovery of data and minimal disruption.

As an evolving organisation Red Nose wanted to move into the future and put the wheels in motion for a more advanced IT system.

Through implementing a back end solution and achieving increased reliability they are in a position to provide a more seamless service to the community.

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