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Summit Fertilizers

Duo 2-Factor Authentication Case Study

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Summit Fertilizers begun as an importer in Kwinana, Western Australia in 1989. The company has since grown into a manufacturing base with a range of innovative products and services.


Summit identified a need for 2-factor authentication due to security concerns, in particular, to prevent Brute Force attacks, where attackers attempt to login using multiple username/password combinations until they are successful. 

Summit previously did not use any form of two-factor authentication in their environment. It is vital for their country representatives to be mobile and for general mobile access to be simple but secure, which led to their purchase of Duo upon recommendation by OIA. Additionally, they were very concerned about security and their system potentially being hacked and their data compromised. OIA recommended Duo due to its ease of deployment and support, ease of use for end users, and many of its inbuilt integrations for products are already in use by clients.

Implementing the Solution

Duo was very quick and straightforward for OIA to implement remotely and was seamless for most users. Once configured, and a user enabled, Duo will automatically send an email guiding them through the set up on their mobile devices. Staff are then required to simply either approve a Duo notification on their mobile phone or answer a Duo phone call.  


Summit now have the peace of mind knowing that they have a second layer of security to protect the business from external threats. Implementation was quick and straightforward, and staff have responded well to the solution. There were also some added benefits to Summit after Duo was implemented, including the ability to find out if passcodes and latest operating system updates have been installed on user’s mobile devices. 

''I have no hesitations [to recommend Duo], it’s a good, easy to use product, easy to install and easy to redeploy tokens should you need to.’’ 
- Nathan Lane, Summit Fertilizers 

Duo  2-Factor Authenication 

This comprehensive security solution confirms the identity of users as well as the health of their mobile devices before they connect to the network, using ‘Trusted Users’. In order to verify trusted user’s identities, Duo requires two methods of identification. 

Additionally, ‘Trusted Devices’ gives IT managers complete control over who and what is accessing the organisation’s data, and checks the security settings of devices before they access applications and data. 

Duo also collects detailed data on every authentication request so that informed security policy decisions can be made within the organisation, in addition to reporting on whether mobile devices are up-to-date. 

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