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Terry Truck Rentals

Infrastructure Support Case Study

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Founded in 1975 Terry Truck Rentals operates under the Hertz banner and specializes in short-term rental or extended-term leasing of car,4WD, and commercial vehicles. 


In 2019 Terry Truck Rentals engaged Office Information Australia (OIA) to assist with their daily IT requirements and any project work that was determined to be necessary. OIA conducted an initial review and found that Terry Truck Rentals was running out of storage space on their infrastructure and observed that much of their infrastructure was coming End of Life (EOL) which was flagged as a security concern. During the review, OIA also recommended a full workstation refresh and update to the latest Windows and the Microsoft suite, as well as a rack clean-up to improve cable management. 

In the process of onboarding, OIA has also taken over day-today IT for all remote sites. This covers their entire 30+ staff allowing for continuity throughout and maintaining standard policies and procedures. 

"Moving to OIA has given us an insight into wider breadth of experience with a range of staff having strengths in different areas"
- Sheree Bampfield, Senior Accountant



OIA undertook a complete hardware refresh project that saw new servers being implemented as well as a new NAS (network attached storage) to help mitigate the storage issues and bring all equipment under support, heling to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and downtime.

The server builds include modern replication solutions to provide High Availability and scalability to ensure maximum uptime. 

The workstation refresh saw 30+ desktops being replaced, standardizing all hardware across the various offices. This in turn helped reduce support and improve stability across the board. In order for OIA to assist with the clients' exact requirements, being uniformity throughout, sourcing for this project required coordination of multiple vendors. "Andrew has always done whatever was needed to source the correct equipment. He is very prompt in his responses to make sure the deadlines were met. He continues to promptly assist Terry Truck Rentals with any necessary hardware" says Sheree Bampfeild. 

In addition to the infrastructure and workstation changes that OIA was addressing for the various sites, it was necessary to complete a rack consolidation and clean-up at the Welshpool centre to enable efficient cable and device management. 

Since OIA have been supporting Terry Trucks, the management of all offices has seen minimal disruption and downtime which is due to a dedicated specialized team of technical staff. 

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