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IM Highlights July 2023

Security Advisories

> ADVISORY: With Windows Update KB5025221 installed, documents fail to attach and intermittently Microsoft applications hang at splash screen while launching

> UPDATED ADVISORY: Upgrading from iManage Drive for Windows version 10.6.1 or earlier to version 10.7.1 or later can cause some files to encrypt twice and prevent users from accessing their contents*

*Note: iManage Drive 10.9 is available and will solve the above issue.


New Search Experience for iManage

A new search experience will be enabled for all users. Benefits include the ability to perform a simple and advanced search from a single window and the ability to perform a combined search for documents and emails from simple search. This feature will be automatically enabled in the Cloud. For on premise, the latest server version is required to provide this new search experience.

For more information click here and to check when this will happen visit Cloud Service Updates ( or contact OIA.


Extension of Limited Support IDOL

In 2021, iManage announced the End of Life (EOL) for iManage Work Indexer powered by IDOL and iManage Records Manager (IRM) Indexer for IDOL was planned for December 2023. iManage is extending limited support for these products to December 31, 2024.

This extension provides additional time to complete a move to iManage Cloud or to adopt the RAVN-powered version of Indexer for on-premises implementations, while freeing resources to deliver the most impact for end users by migrating from DeskSite and FileSite to Work 10.

However, for on-premises customers who do not plan to move to iManage Cloud by the end of 2024, it is recommended to transition from IDOL to the RAVN Indexer as soon as possible to reduce risk and leverage the benefits of RAVN Indexer, including improved search accuracy by eliminating the need for stop words and optimization for iManage Security Policy Manager need-to-know security.

More information can be found here.


Upcoming iManage End of Life (EOL)

Your OIA account manager will be in touch to discuss your legacy iManage solutions and a path forward with iManage Modernisation steps.

> 29 December 2023 - End of Life Notice: iManage COM API

> 29 December 2023 - End of Life Notice: iManage DeskSite & FileSite

> 29 December 2023 - End of Life Notice: iManage Work Indexer powered by IDOL

> 29 December 2023 - End of Life Notice: iManage FileShare

> 29 December 2023 - End of Life notice: WorkSite Web, WorkSite for SharePoint, and WorkSite Web Service (SOAP) API

> 29 December 2023- End of Life notice: Mobility 9.x and Mobility 2 REST API

Action may be required for the above End of Life notices. Please follow the Support Announcements page for further steps required.

OIA will continue to provide level 1 support for FileSite & DeskSite to direct customers who are still on maintenance, where it is practical to do so and where the issue can be solved with training, administration, configuration or installation; and is not the result of a known defect or needs to be escalated to iManage for further assistance. Any third-party applications that rely on FileSite or DeskSite are assumed to be unsupported by the vendor and OIA will provide best efforts assistance with supporting these.


OIA YouTube Channel

Join Brett McDonald, OIA's Digital Transformation Specialist, in our latest YouTube video where he dives into how Microsoft Power Automate can revolutionise the way you create and manage iManage workspaces effortlessly.


Recent iManage Releases

> Work Desktop for Windows

> Work Desktop for Mac

> Work Mobility for iOS / Blackberry Dynamics / Ivanti 10.23.2

> Work Mobility for Intune 10.23.1

> Work Web

> Work 9 FileSite / DeskSite / OffSite

> Work 9 Co Authoring Add-On

> Work Desktop for Windows SDK

> Work Server 10.4.5

> Work Desktop for Windows and Agent Services

> Work OCR

For all iManage release announcements see here.


Upcoming iManage Releases

> Work Web Server - August 2023

> Work Desktop for Windows - August 2023


iManage Cloud Quarterly Service Updates & Maintenance

> Work at - August 2023

> Tracker - July 2023

> Threat Manager in the Cloud - Q3 2023

> Work at - Q3 2023

For all recent and upcoming Service Updates in the iManage Cloud see here.


Are you following these sections on the Help Centre?

We recommend customer’s follow (i.e. subscribe to) these sections in the iManage Help Centre to ensure they stay up-to-date with important updates published by iManage:

> iManage Support Announcements

> Release Announcements

> Cloud Service Updates

> Cloud Service Advisories

> Known Issues


Work 10 Modernization

We encourage all iManage customers to move to Work 10 from the classic iManage Work applications as soon as possible. We consider this transition a fundamental part of iManage Cloud and on-premises customers achieving success through Modernization.


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