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IM Highlights March 2023

Security Advisories


OIA YouTube Channel

We have refreshed our YouTube Channel and are uploading new content regularly. Be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications to be kept up to date.

Check out the below videos:


Change Management Kit

OIA’s Change Management Kit is designed to ensure successful adoption of iManage Work 10. It is derived through our extensive and successful experience of iManage implementations and underpinned by the Prosci ADKAR Model that describes successful change at an individual level, this model is also utilised by iManage as best practice for change management.

The Change Management Kit allows OIA to discover essential information from your business through workshops and data analysis, resulting in a fully customised report that OIA will step through at handover. The outcome is a Change Management and Communications Framework Report outlining key messaging, awareness raising activities and stakeholder responsibilities including all collateral, plus recommendations for implementation.

Contact OIA to find out more how our Change Management Kit can benefit your business.


Upcoming iManage End of Life (EOL)

Your OIA account manager will be in touch to discuss your legacy iManage solutions and a path forward with iManage Modernisation steps.

Action may be required for the above End of Life notices. Please follow the Support Announcements page for further steps required.

OIA will continue to provide level 1 support for FileSite & DeskSite to direct customers who are still on maintenance, where it is practical to do so and where the issue can be solved with training, administration, configuration or installation; and is not the result of a known defect or needs to be escalated to iManage for further assistance. Any third-party applications that rely on FileSite or DeskSite are assumed to be unsupported by the vendor and OIA will provide best efforts assistance with supporting these.


Recent iManage Releases

For all iManage release announcements see here.


Upcoming iManage Releases


iManage Cloud Quarterly Service Updates & Maintenance

For all recent and upcoming Service Updates in the iManage Cloud see here.


Are you following these sections on the Help Centre?

We recommend customer’s follow (i.e. subscribe to) these sections in the iManage Help Centre to ensure they stay up-to-date with important updates published by iManage:


New iManage Technotes and Known Issues articles in the Help Center

For all articles, please refer to the iManage Knowledge Base.


iManage Tips & Tricks

Customer guide to the iManage Ideas Bank

You can now submit new ideas or search through existing ideas in the iManage Ideas Bank. Ideas were previously called enhancement requests. This new process replaces the former process of creating a support request with the support team, who then created an enhancement request on your behalf. Learn more here.

Work 10 Modernization Resources

We encourage all iManage customers to move to Work 10 from the classic iManage Work applications as soon as possible. We consider this transition a fundamental part of iManage Cloud and on-premises customers achieving success through Modernization.


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