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IM Highlights June 2022

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Blue Car Connector

A number of OIA's customers are currently running the Blue Car DocuSign Connector for iManage Work to streamline their digital signing requirements within the iManage DMS.

We've recently been notified by both Blue Car Technologies and DocuSign that DocuSign will retire support for email and password authentication methods, which is what the current version of Blue Car deployed in your environment leverages.

BlueCar Technologies has now released a new version. You will need to upgrade your existing Blue Car DocuSign Connector before September 2022. Please Contact OIA to assist.


Self-Service Single Sign On Authentication

The self-service Single Sign On (SSO) model (also known as Service Provider-initiated SAML) is the go forward position for iManage Cloud customers (both in Classic and Azure) so all customers should look at moving to this before the end of the year. Assessing ahead of time is important as updated FileSite/DeskSite versions may be a requirement, along with ensuring Oauth2 is enabled (i.e. needs planning and change management). Many customers in Classic Cloud have already moved to self-service SSO.

Read the full article here.


Upcoming iManage End of Life (EOL)

Action may be required for the above End of Life notices. Please follow the Support Announcements page for further steps required.


Recent iManage Releases

For all iManage release announcements see here.


iManage Cloud Quarterly Service Updates and Maintenance

> iManage Work in the Cloud on Azure June 2022 For all recent and upcoming Service Updates in the iManage Cloud see here.


Are you following these sections on the Help Centre?

We recommend customer’s follow (i.e. subscribe to) these sections in the iManage Help Centre to ensure they stay up-to-date with important updates published by iManage:


New iManage Technotes and Known Issues articles in the Help Center

> NT-125525: Opening an email from the Work Panel or Work Web displays "Process has exited, so the requested information is not available" error message with Work Desktop for Windows 10.7

> NT-125321: "Microsoft Office is not installed" error appears with Work Desktop for Windows 10.6 installations.

> NT-123425: Blank Work Panel occurs when amending Windows display settings

> NT-122950: Blurry iManage dialog boxes on external monitor require high DPI support

> NT-126183: Document doesn't check-in when opened in Protected View and choosing "Enable editing" in Work Desktop for Windows 10.7.x

> NT-126206: "Edit Date" value is updated on app folders and subfolders in a workspace when creating a new folder

> NT-124906: Moving documents from a workspace with "All Latest Files" filter applied leaves the documents in both their original and new locations.

> NT-127634: When using iManage Work Desktop for Windows 10.7.1, dialog boxes handled by Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime do not load on Windows Server 2016

For all articles, please refer to the iManage Knowledge Base.


iManage Tips & Tricks

User selection for attach file or link now persists

With the version 10.6.0 release of Work Desktop, when a user inserts an attachment when composing an email, the file picker dialog remembers the user's selection that is, whether to insert a link, a file, or both. This is important for those users who always want to send a link and a file so they don't have to select this every single time they attach an email. More efficient operation.

Persistent sort criteria for web searches

With the Work Web 10.4.2 release, you can now sort your search results by a specific criteria and this criteria is remembered across browsers unless changed by you again. This helps you to always view the relevant search results on the top, thereby saving your time by not requiring you to sort the search results for a specific criteria every time you perform a search. When you switch over from Simple to Advanced Search, the sort criteria is persisted to save your time.


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