Work Assist

Workflow for businesses of all sizes.
A business process is a set of activities or tasks that, once completed, will accomplish an organisational goal. These processes are designed to add value for staff and customers. At the heart of any successful business are a set of business processes. Automating these processes can start simple - with entry-level sequential actions and templated common business activities.
From there, automation can progress all the way to enterprise-class business process mapping with forms designer, graphical user interface, API’s, analytics and reporting. This is full workflow functionality, comparable with world’s best, using a robust engine scalable to thousands of users if required. In-built forms designer for simple workflows or enhance using Visual Studio or similar.
Work Assist Methodology
Key benefits of Work Assist solutions
Workflow streamlines the action items associated with any business activity. These action items may be manual steps requiring verification only, or alternatively may be computer-assisted steps performing functions under automation (posting, updating, extracting etc.). Here are some examples of benefits that could be realised with the implementation of a workflow solution:
  • Ensure compliance with Health & Safety policies
  • Track and approve changes to critical documentation
  • HR cycles; including on-boarding, employment conditions, and outsourcing
  • Handle and follow-up a series of time-critical project steps
  • Replace administrative forms with an electronic equivalent (travel, leave, expense claim etc.)
  • Obtain clear audit trails over actions and events
  • Automate Accounts Payable routines for matching and approval
  • Streamline data collection and data import processes
  • Connect users with data and systems as they need them
Industry workflow solutions
  • Oil & Gas Operator – registering contracts with customers and suppliers, managing change control forms in Health & Safety
  • Large Law Firm – document assembly and approval cycles, multi-team commenting or review, new client intake
  • Australian University – enrolment, administration forms and processes, IT provisioning and supply
  • Asian Bank – daily processing of loan applications, complaints and feedback from branches
  • Large Accounting Firm – policy enforcement/ opinions/ approvals, travel and leave requests
  • Corporate Legal Department – critical date management, contract liability reminders, project management
Why do you need workflow solutions?
  • Managing processes via paper forms, emails and excel forms?
  • Experiencing lengthy or overdue processing times?
  • Looking to automate and optimise business procedures?
OIA’s workflow solutions seek to automate processes and improve business outcomes. Using our knowledge and experience there is the opportunity to find the right solution to meet your requirements.
OIA can provide solutions which will improve efficiency and eliminate many of the existing out-dated manual processes. These can result in cost reduction and improved control. By automating or creating an electronic workflow you can go above and beyond your current business processes.
Workflow Diagram
Who we partner with
OIA partners with world-class providers to seamlessly match the workflow with your existing environment –regardless of what platform you’re on, either in the cloud or on premise.
Below are some of the platforms OIA currently work with:
DocMinder from WordTech
DocMinder is a versatile task management tool set. Commonly used for contract registration, reminders and escalation. DocMinder contains a powerful calendar, reporting and dashboard environment for ease of use.
WorkflowGen from Advantys
WorkflowGen is an Enterprise-class workflow solution used by Fortune 500 companies since 2003. Sites range from a dozen to hundreds of thousands of users. Described as a low-programming environment, WorkflowGen is a full-featured workflow portal with native mobility apps. Dynamically connect with existing systems via web services, .NET assemblies and workflow applications.
Liquid Office from OpenText
Liquid Office, previously known as HPPA, is a long-term success story in the Workflow industry. High levels of functionality, combined with a graphical user interface ensure ease of acceptance in the user community. Frequently used for re-processing large volumes of transactional data when teamed with data capture.
Working with people and content
In a nutshell, Workflow Automation can deliver information to the people who need it most, and attest to the completion of work requested. It’s connecting people with data and processes, as well as documenting decisions and actions taken.
Some processes create content while others simply forward that content from an existing business application. Talk to us about securing content as part of the workflow cycle, snapshots of project timelines as they progress, and dashboards alerting management to possible bottle-necks or delays.