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Tap Oil

iManage Cloud Implementation Case Study

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Tap Oil is an independent Oil & Gas exploration and production company with interests in Australia and South East Asia. Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, Tap Oil has been listed on the ASX since 1996. The company saw a need to migrate their existing on-premise implementation to the cloud in order to realise greater efficiencies and streamline workflows.


OIA’s iManage Cloud offering has allowed Tap Oil to move iManage Work off ageing infrastructure and removed the need for them to replace it as a capital outlay. It has also allowed Tap Oil to recover the physical space this 
infrastructure has been taking up in their offices.  
In-house support requirements have been significantly reduced by moving to the cloud, as maintenance and support requirements are provided by OIA as part of the service. OIA’s iManage Cloud has helped to improve Tap Oil’s productivity with the servers backed up in the Cloud minimising disruption to the system. Critical content is backed up, and employees can still work from home if office communications are down.

OIA iManage Cloud

The OIA iManage Cloud is a full-service, privately hosted instance of iManage’s industry-leading work product management solution. The OIA iManage Cloud is available as a hybrid cloud service or fully hosted service in the cloud. Joining the OIA iManage Cloud will automatically give your business access to a full suite of iManage tools, including document management, email management, mobility, and much more. The system is completely managed, removing the need to worry about upgrading the system, monitoring, or applying fixes to the system if issues arise.

Implementing the Solution

The OIA iManage Cloud has greatly improved the company’s risk management as document management has been put into an environment with higher levels of redundancy. Additionally, backup power systems and redundant internet are provided by OIA’s local data centres with site to site replication.  
Implementation of the solution across the company was very fast, and any issues that arose during the  implementation were quickly worked through.  
By migrating their iManage document management system off of a physical server and moving to the OIA iManage Cloud, Tap Oil has significantly reduced their overhead costs of maintenance of physical hardware and support requirements. In addition to this, the OIA iManage Cloud has provided the company with a robust expandable solution, without requiring large overheads for expansion. 
With the OIA iManage Cloud solution, maintenance is automatically applied as required, and alerts are sent straight to the company. Any issues that arise are rectified and included in the package. These auto alerts remove the chance of human error and remove the stress of unplanned outages that would be difficult to foresee with manual review processes.

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