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iManage and AI

We are receiving lots of questions for customers regarding the status of AI at iManage and thought we would provide an update on this. Please note iManage ConnectLive will take place at the end of May. We encourage all customers with an interest in AI or the iManage product roadmap in general to register (more info to follow).


Regarding AI - iManage has many years of experience in the AI arena. iManage’s newest AI platform is currently in use by a limited number of customers for initial feedback and should be generally available over the next few months.


One of the key advantages of the iManage AI platform is that it uses secure, curated data sets and is grounded in context (your documents) so will yield better results and reduce hallucinations.(


The key components of the new iManage AI platform are:


Co-Pilot Integration

Microsoft and iManage are developing a plugin which bridges your MS365 world with iManage whilst maintaining a single source of truth in a governed repository.


Document Classification and Enrichment

iManage AI automatically analyses and extracts key data points and saves that information with documents, allowing users to find responses that are relevant, accurate, and built on the best work product available at the organisation.


Ask iManage

This is iManage's own natural language AI platform. It allows you to, for example - summarise multiple documents / asking questions of documents / document comparisons etc. Ask iManage is grounded in context and adheres to ethical walls and the content security you already have in place with your iManage system.  For example - should an employee ask a question that contains confidential information via “Ask iManage" this stays within your already secure and approved iManage platform.  Ask iManage is currently in use by a limited number of customers. 


Mailbox Assistant Automate necessary but tedious tasks with the iManage email assistant that automatically files emails in the proper folder. Using AI, it learns from behaviours and patterns, ensuring your inbox filing is accurate, up-to-date, and compliant.


We are awaiting more details regarding the cost and timeline for general availability regarding all of the above but there will be more announcements at ConnectLive.


Please note to access the iManage AI products you will need to be on the “” platform. If you are interested in this, please reach out to your OIA account manager for more information.


Please see here for more information.

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