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Business Continuity - Are you prepared?

With the current concerns around global health and security risks, OIA believes this is an opportune reminder for our clients to consider their business continuity preparedness. Whilst many of our partners and customers are unlikely to be affected directly by some of these issues, there are many external factors which could impact your ability to run operations as normal. There are now some great solutions available to assist with business continuity, and OIA not only employs these to maintain our own ‘Business as Usual’ operations but also assists our customers in implementing more flexible and resilient systems.

Technology Advances
Technology improvements such as NBN and communication platforms like Office 365 and Microsoft Teams makes holding meetings, sharing content and providing access to staff from remote locations easier than ever before.
Office 365 & Teams allows end-users to work remotely without any disruption to their work schedule. Easy access to emails, calendars and contacts with Exchange Online and Outlook ensures staff can continue to work as if they were in the office. Microsoft Teams can store, organise and share files so collaboration can easily occur with internal and external parties. Chat, voice calls and video are accessible to quickly communicate or conduct meetings as normal.
Many of our clients on Office 365 may already have access to Microsoft Teams but may not realise the additional benefits and services to allow external parties to join calls utilising traditional phone technologies. With mobile data being faster and more economical, running Microsoft Teams on your mobile feels just like you are having a traditional call whilst conferencing with the office. 
OIA have been using Microsoft Teams as part of our conferencing and voice solutions and can show you how it brings a mobile workforce together.
iManage Document Management 
iManage Work allows staff to access internal documents and emails easily, making working remotely seamless. Its ''Mobile First'' design for phone, tablet or browser allows staff to work anywhere, anytime. 
If you have iManage but do not have it available so your teams can access it externally, please let us know and we will assist with getting this feature setup and provide the required training.
Remote Access
Traditional Remote Access servers can be provisioned to provide access for external users to non-cloud-based systems such as Accounting systems and Practice Management applications.
Remote access can be provided by remote controlling your office computer, from a remote access server or by services such as a VPN.
What to do next?
If your company is concerned about how a global crisis such as COVID-19 will affect your business continuity contact OIA and our consultants will review your company requirements in terms of systems, people and work locations and advise what measures you can take to minimise disruption should any situation change.
OIA has a proactive approach to ensure service continuity through any global crisis that may occur including the COVID-19 outbreak.
OIA believes there will be no impact to our operation of services as we are already geared to work remotely, and our helpdesk and support teams should remain available through any crisis that may occur. 
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