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IM Highlights June 2024

iManage Work for Microsoft Teams ( only)


iManage Work has integrated with Microsoft Teams to enhance document management capabilities within the environment. Users can now effortlessly archive their Teams chats, posts, or entire conversations directly into iManage Work by simply selecting the desired content.The saved conversations are converted into PDF format, adhering to a specific naming convention for easy identification and retrieval. Additionally, any files shared within these conversations are not only saved but also linked to the corresponding PDF for a comprehensive document trail.This feature ensures that all related documents are conveniently accessible within the iManage Work's Related Documents tab, streamlining workflow and collaboration.


Read more about this update here.


iManage Security Advisory


On September 11, 2024, a certificate used by the Work Desktop for Windows SDK is scheduled to expire, impacting versions prior to 10.9.3. This expiration will force users to sign in to the application created with iManage Work Desktop for Windows SDK after signing out of Windows or a system restart.


Please review the table below of Work Desktop for Windows SDK versions to verify the following information:


  • Affected and unaffected versions of Work Desktop for Windows SDK

  • Date of certificate expiration


If your version of Work Desktop for Windows SDK is affected and requires an update, please refer to the Action section in this article

Versions with a date of certificate expiration of September 11, 2024 require immediate attention.


Recent iManage Releases

For all iManage release announcements see here.


Upcoming iManage Releases


iManage Cloud Quarterly Service Updates & Maintenance

For all recent and upcoming Service Updates in the iManage Cloud see here


Quick Tip - Lodging a Support Ticket


To ensure efficient handling of your support needs, please lodge a support ticket through our help portal here. This process will generate a unique case number, which you can use to track the progress of your inquiry and facilitate any future communication. Remember, filing a support ticket is the quickest way to get your issues resolved by our dedicated team.

A black and white photo of Jeff Andersen

Meet the Team: Jeff Andersen - Solutions Director


We had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Andersen and delve into his experiences with OIA.

How long have you been with OIA?

My journey with OIA began in 1998 as an eager technical consultant in Perth, and after a stint exploring IT in law firms, I rejoined the company in Sydney as an Information Management Consultant. Throughout this time, I've collaborated closely with Steve Litton and the iManage team to establish OIA as a leading iManage partner in the APAC region. This adventure reflects not just a career but a passion for growth and excellence in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

What’s your favourite part about being with OIA?

My favorite part about being with OIA is the people. It's like a family reunion every day, filled with individuals who have incredible ethics, vibrant personalities, and unwavering commitment. Over the years, we’ve formed amazing friendships and collaborations, riding the rollercoaster of life together. The support from my teammates is a gift I couldn’t be more thankful for. The relationships we build are the cornerstone of trust and enduring partnerships with our customers. Truly, the people at OIA are the heart of our success.

What’s something to do with iManage that you’re looking forward to?

I'm looking forward to iManage's deepening partnership with Microsoft and the enhanced integration with M365 it brings. The exploration of GenAI applications, particularly Copilot, is also exciting as it will revolutionise our interaction with organisational knowledge. Additionally, the focus on customer success initiatives is providing valuable insights and improving our capabilities. Overall, these advancements are setting a promising future for our professional and customer goals.


Recent End of Life (EOL)

Your OIA account manager will be in touch to discuss your legacy iManage solutions and a path forward with iManage Modernisation steps.



Action may be required for the above End of Life notices. Please follow the Support Announcements page for further steps required.


OIA will continue to provide level 1 support for FileSite & DeskSite to direct customers who are still on maintenance, where it is practical to do so and where the issue can be solved with training, administration, configuration or installation; and is not the result of a known defect or needs to be escalated to iManage for further assistance. Any third-party applications that rely on FileSite or DeskSite are assumed to be unsupported by the vendor and OIA will provide best efforts assistance with supporting these.


Extension of Limited Support IDOL

In 2021, iManage announced the End of Life (EOL) for iManage Work Indexer powered by IDOL and iManage Records Manager (IRM) Indexer for IDOL was planned for December 2023. iManage is extending limited support for these products to December 31, 2024.

This extension provides additional time to complete a move to iManage Cloud or to adopt the RAVN-powered version of Indexer for on-premises implementations, while freeing resources to deliver the most impact for end users by migrating from DeskSite and FileSite to Work 10.

However, for on-premises customers who do not plan to move to iManage Cloud by the end of 2024, it is recommended to transition from IDOL to the RAVN Indexer as soon as possible to reduce risk and leverage the benefits of RAVN Indexer, including improved search accuracy by eliminating the need for stop words and optimization for iManage Security Policy Manager need-to-know security.

More information can be found here.


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We recommend customer’s follow (i.e. subscribe to) these sections in the iManage Help Centre to ensure they stay up-to-date with important updates published by iManage:

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