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Digital Signing Solutions

Listening to our customers’ desire to select the best digital signing solution for their business, OIA has evaluated and proven the globally accepted best-of-breed integrations that streamline your digital signing platform into your users’ iManage Work knowledge processes. This means that OIA customers can leverage their DocuSign or Adobe Sign investment while working in iManage Work.

Through partnering with globally respected software integrators, OIA customers benefit from digital signing integrations for iManage Work that solve the complete care of digital signing workflows; features, experience and best practice garnered from 1000s of iManage users worldwide; plus continuous and focused development and support from dedicated software vendors.

These solutions take care of the full digital signing workflow - from initiating signing processes while working in iManage Work, attaching iManage Work documents, updating document history and metadata, then automatically storing signed documents back into iManage Work. OIA’s solutions are able to cater to many scenarios to work with your individual business flows, and our experienced consultants can assist with best practice guidance and proven implementation skills.

OIA is proud to be DocuSign & Adobe Sign partners so we are able to advise, supply, and implement your end-to-end document signing solution integrated with iManage Work.

Take a look at our website and datasheets or talk to us about your complete digital signing needs – with the confidence that OIA has the best fit solution for your business.

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