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Free Document Approval Workflow for iManage

OIA is pleased to announce that iManage Work customers can now implement a Document Approval process for FREE* using WorkflowGen, a leading workflow and process management tool.

WorkflowGen is a full function workflow creation tool that offers the creation of Forms and Business Rules without the need for programming. OIA’s Document Approval for iManage process provides users with an easy right-click option from their usual iManage Work interface (DeskSite or FileSite), which allows users to select deadlines, reviewers and provide instructions before sending the workflow on its way.

Gone are the days of paper forms and broadcast untrackable e-mails, drive policy acceptance and deliver productivity gains with WorkflowGen and its capability to set workflow time limits, define and monitor multi approver processes, report on workflow progress and exception alerting.

WorkflowGen’s tight integration with iManage Work utilises your underlying user directory, and records details of the approval cycle in the document history whilst maintaining the document status throughout. Users can track the process of their approvals via the easy to use WorkflowGen dashboard.

For a quick look at the capabilities please watch this video.

The process for implementing this FREE workflow is simple.  Visit this page to download a fully functional version of WorkflowGen, then contact OIA for details on how to get the Document Approval process and assistance with installing it into your iManage Work environment.

Click here for more information on WorkflowGen for iManage.

Document Approval is just one of the many possibilities of using WorkflowGen with iManage. See how OIA's Work Assist can enhance efficiency throughout your organisation.

*FREE version of WorkflowGen subject to Advantys licence terms and conditions; OIA Document Approval for iManage provided on an as-built basis; Support Packages available for implementation, training and process modifications.

For further information on any of the above, please contact OIA on +61 8 9223 1700 or

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