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IM Advisory - iManage Work

Important Changes in Upcoming iManage Work Release 10.3.2 – Including Enhanced Tree View As Standard User Interface.



Targeted for November 2020, iManage will release the following builds for on-prem customers, plus automatically upgrade iManage cloud customers during the Q4 Service Update window to:

· iManage Work Web app 10.3.2

· iManage Work Server 10.3.2

· iManage Work Control Ctr 10.3.2

· iManage Share Agent 10.3

A number of exciting new features are included in the above builds, however, the most significant change is that within the web interface, the Tree View is the standard user interface and there is NO option to switch back to the previous view.

New End-user features

· Enhanced Tree View is the standard interface

· Fully interactive Tree allows drag-n-drop

· Filters available in right-hand panel

· Tree available in Work Panel in Outlook

· Advanced search available from Work Panel in Outlook (docked & undocked)

New Administrative features

· New interface for ad hoc creation of workspaces

· Streamlined creation of folder based on a workspace template

· Streamlined creation of ad hoc folders

· New more intuitive Trash interface

For more information on the 10.3.2 product set please see the latest iManage video. Alternatively, you can read the upcoming server release and the upcoming Work release articles.


How will this impact me?

Once an environment is upgraded to the 10.3.2 release, the Tree View will be the only interface for users within the web - there is NO option to switch back to the previous view. Many customers are already using the Tree View as it has been available as an alternative view under “Coming Soon” for some time now. However for other customers this may be a substantial variation which may require internal communication and user education/training prior to its introduction.


What do I need to do?

Cloud customers – iManage cloud customers will be upgraded during the scheduled Q4 Service Update maintenance window, at which time the Tree View will be the only web interface for users. At this time, the cloud Sandbox Preview is scheduled to start Oct 27th, with production environments to follow. For more information on the iManage Cloud Service Updates, please read here.

On-prem customers – please follow the above Upcoming Releases pages to be notified when these releases are available and then plan to upgrade when appropriate.


What if I need help?

If you would like more information on the upcoming releases, have any questions regarding the Tree View or require assistance with how to transition your user base to the Tree View, please contact support.

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