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IM Highlights June 2017

Exciting new features in iManage Work 10.0.1 

The recent release of iManage Work 10.0.1 provides customers with a number of new features, including (but not limited to) the following:

iManage Work 10 Server

Restore from Trash - Allows users to restore deleted documents from Trash through iManage Work Add-Ons for Classic Clients and iManage Work New Professional Experience.

Support for Internationalization - The ability to internationalize the iManage Control Center and iManage Work New Professional Experience web interfaces into any language.

iManage Work 10 New Professional Experience

Workspace Creation - Users can create workspaces from their Recent Matters and their My Matters pages on the desktop

Upload Folders using Drag and Drop - Users can drag a folder from Windows Explorer into an iManage Work 10 workspace or folder (Permissions allowing)

Opening and Editing Documents in Adobe Reader - Enables users on a Windows desktop to open and edit an Adobe document in Adobe Reader if an iManage Work desktop client (DeskSite, FileSite or iManage Work 10.0.1 for Office) is also installed on the machine.

iManage Work 10 for Office

iManage Work 10.0.1 Compatibility with DeskSite and FileSite 9.3.2 - Allows the New Professional Experience and DeskSite/FileSite 9.3.2 to co-exist and interoperate on the same desktop. This allows IT to deploy a single desktop image and enable the New Professional Experience on an individual basis

Offline Support for Adobe Professional and Reader and Offline Indicator for New Document Version

Document Synchronization on every Save - To prevent changes from being lost during an interrupted connection, documents are now synchronized whenever the user performs a save.

For more information on iManage Work 10 click here.


Protecting your iManage environment from ''Ransomware''  Ramsomware attacks have received a lot of attention in the news recently, and it is extremely important for your company to know how they can be prevented.  iManage have not published official guidelines on this, however there are a few typical areas of prevention that can be taken:

  • Ensure there are serialized backups in place on the WorkSite file server.

  • Ideally the Windows share on the WorkSite file server should be a hidden share, with access limited to the WorkSite service account

  • Watch for patterns (analytics) that indicate a ransomware intrusion. These will be more evident in Work than with a normal fileserver. (e.g. an unusual volume of file changes from a particular user, Indexer errors where encrypted files could not be processed for indexing.)

  • Follow standard desktop best practices for malware prevention (anti-virus, firewalls, etc.)

Customers using the iManage FileShare product, which is presented to the workstation as a normal file server mount, should take extra precautions, though it's very nature as an abstracted file structure may offer some inherent protection:

  • Configure WorkSite FileShare to utilize Save as New Version as opposed to Replace Original

  • Reduce the level of user access in My Matters and My Favorites for FileShare to the minimum required.  

For assistance on ensuring your iManage environment is secure - please contact us


OIA Cloud Services 

In 2016, OIA introduced its iManage Cloud service which provides a hosted instance of iManage’s industry-leading work product management solution. This now provides clients with options to use iManage Work in the cloud for a fixed monthly cost without having to manage and maintain the solution on-premise.

OIA have successfully moved a number of existing clients from their traditional on-premise deployment of iManage, to a new, upgraded, and refreshed instance in the cloud.

Contact us for more information on moving your iManage environment to the cloud.


Johnson Winter & Slattery Transforms its Document Management System 

JWS CIO Ross Forgione talks about their deployment of iManage Work and how user adoption has rocketed to 100% while freeing up valuable IT resources to generate value for the firm. Click here to read the case study. 


New URL for iManage Share APAC 

iManage is pleased to announce that a new URL for their Australian data center has been released. The new URL will be, to reflect that the data center (primary and DR sites), and all customer data is hosted within Australia.  The former URL will redirect to provide support for older folder and document links. The new URL will be used in all new document and folder links subsequent to the upgrade. Please click here for more information.


iManage Preview Server 10.0.0 License Expires on June 30th, 2017  Customers who have deployed iManage Work Server 10.0.0 with Preview Server should note that the Preview Server license will expire on June 30th. To correct this, sites can upgrade to 10.0.1 or update the license file by following the instructionhere.


Breach Advisory for OneLogin customers

Please be advised that identity vendor OneLogin has released a warning regarding a recent security breach they suffered.  If you integrate OneLogin products impacted by this security breach with any iManage products please refer to the following article here.


Security Vulnerability in Work Server 9.5 R2, 10 and 10.0 

iManage has advised that in certain circumstances, SQL statements can be masked and sent through a Work Server to a Work database, however, they have no reports of the vulnerability being exploited. Patches for Work Server 9.5 R2 and 10.0.1 have been released; Work Server 10.0 is still pending.  For more information, please 


Recent releases 


New iManage Work technote articles available in Help Center 

Please see the following for the full list of recently published technotes here.


Tips and Tricks

Prevent disabling of iManage Work add-ins for Microsoft Office

Disabling of the Office Integration and Outlook integration add-ins causes usability issues with iManage Work; for example, if the Office Integration add-in is somehow disabled in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, files opened in these applications from iManage Work fail to check back in to iManage Work.  By default, the iManage Work 9.3.2 desktop client installations automatically configure the Microsoft Office resiliency settings in the registry to prevent auto-disabling of the iManage Work Office Integration and Outlook integration add-ins.  With 9.3.1 or lower installed, the Microsoft Office resiliency settings can be configured manually. For further information, please click here.

Desktop Client Installation - Setup vs MSI

Whilst the desktop clients can be installed by running either Setup.exe or the MSI, the MSI does not check for any pre-requisites so the assumption is that these have been installed manually before running the iManage installation.  During deployment, if the status of the prerequisites is unknown, Setup.exe should be used, plus in scenarios where is it is suspected that an issue is caused by missing or corrupt prerequisite software, Setup.exe can be a useful investigative tool.

For further information on any of the above, please contact OIA on +61 8 9223 1700 or

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