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IM Highlights June 2019

New OIA support page to submit tickets OIA now has one place you can go to for support, whether you need to log a new support ticket & make sure you’re providing all the right information, get hold of the iManage Support Tool or get assistance with OIA via remote desktop.

To lodge a ticket click here


iManage Project Mantis - Beginning June 2019 Mantis is a code name for a set of iManage Work Server, Web and Desktop releases designed to achieve feature parity with the iManage Work Classic clients, such as FileSite & DeskSite. This journey will take up most of the Work 10 roadmap for 2019 and we look forward to embracing new releases at regular intervals of 30-90 days. Don’t worry, you don’t need to upgrade every release!

To read the article click here


iManage Drive for Windows - Beginning July 2019

iManage Drive is a unique solution that brings iManage Work to your local drive with intelligent syncing capabilities. With iManage Drive, you never have to worry about disk space and it is designed to work efficiently in remote offices and in environments with high latency. iManage Drive fits the needs of your power users and road warriors who require offline access to data.

To read the article click here


Recent iManage Work Releases  > iManage Work Desktop for Windows New Features:

  • Simplified hyperlink formatting when inserting iManage links in an email

  • Improved search experience while browsing for filing locations

  • Retain users' last choice of the iManage Work Panel display

  • Performance improvement for opening files from iManage Work

DeskSite New Features: 

  • Integrated 10.2 Work Add-Ons for Classic Clients

  • New Prerequisite: Visual Studio 2017

  • Removal of .NET Framework 3.5 as a prerequisite

New Features:

  • Installing iManage WCSE using the command line

  • Enabling or disabling Recovery Assistance

  • Performance Improvements

  • Support for Exchange Server 2007 deprecated


Upcoming iManage Work Releases  iManage Work Server - June Release New Features:

  • Installation changes for iManage Work Server, Schema Upgrade 

  • Manage Control Center 2.0 Beta

  • Work Server installation no longer installs Java SE 8

  • Improved refile service

iManage Work - June Release - Target Release: June 2019 New Features:

  • Ability to move Documents and Emails from Recent Lists and Search Results

  • Downloading Multiple Items from iManage Work using iManage Work Link (IWL)

  • Downloading documents or emails when Preview fails

  • Enhanced document copy experience in web browser

  • Ability to delete multiple versions of a document


New iManage Work Technote and Known Issues articles available in Help Center

Microsoft Office version and build recommendations for iManage Work

In addition to referencing the Supported Platforms guides, iManage recommend following their detailed Office version and build recommendations. The Office version and build recommendations factor in a combination of issues reported by iManage customers and partners based on experience with specific Office versions and results from iManage Quality Assurance (QA) testing.

Affects environments running DeskSite and earlier or FileSite and earlier, with any of the following Microsoft Windows operating system updates from March 2019: Windows 10: KB4489868, KB4489886 Windows 7: KB4489873, KB4489878

Applies to environments running DeskSite or FileSite with Email Management (EM).


iManage Work Tips and Tricks  EMM toolbar will not load in certain environments

There are a number of known issues that pertain to the EMM toolbar not loading in Outlook in Windows 10 environment, seen to affect both Office 2010 and 2016. The problem is due to the user losing permissions to access certain iManage DLL's under the Windows GAC (Global Assembly Cache) folder.  If you are running a Windows 10 environment and believe you may be affected by this issue, please contact support for instructions to work around these issues.

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