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IM Highlights June 2020

IMPORTANT:  Immediate update required to address “imanlocal” certificate expiration affecting ALL iManage Work Desktop for Windows versions 10.1 and later
In a recent OIA advisory, we highlighted that a certificate (for used by the iManage Work Desktop for Windows (WDW) application versions 10.1 and higher is set to expire. If this certificate expires on your machine, many significant iManage Work and iManage WDW document and email functions (such as Edit, Open, Print, Checkout, Reply, Forward) will no longer function as expected.
The date of expiry varies, as does the available methods to address the issue, depending on the WDW version, however, the only UNAFFECTED versions are and Versions with a date of certificate expiration of June 27, 2020 23:59:59 GMT require immediate attention. If you are unable to upgrade to version or to resolve this issue you will need to apply the updated certificate using the patch installer detailed in the iManage advisory. We recommend customers follow this advisory page to be alerted to new and updated information regarding this issue. If you experience issues deploying the patch or upgrading WDW, or require further information please contact support. 
iManage ConnectLive Virtual
ConnectLive is an annual conference where customers can hear from iManage experts about the latest roadmaps, insights, and best practices for using the entire iManage product portfolio. In 2020, ConnectLive will be a virtual event allowing people to access on-demand sessions, live keynotes, user training, along with networking and learning opportunities with iManage executives, partners, and other customers, within 3 regional time zones (America, EMEA, APAC). The APAC presentation agenda for Wednesday, June 24th:
  • 25 Years Shaping the Future: What's next? 

  • Delivering the iManage Advantage

  • iManage Work 10: Be Productive Anywhere

  • iManage Cloud: Setting You Free to Do More

  • Using iManage Security, Risk, and Governance products to Secure the Full Matter Lifecycle

  • iManage RAVN - Expand your iManage Platform with Knowledge, Contract and AI-powered search roadmap

The event is free, but registration must be completed here.
Windows 7 has been retired
As of January 14, 2020, Microsoft has officially ended support for Windows 7, discontinuing all technical support, software updates, security updates, and any other fixes. Although iManage Work continues to function with Windows 7, it is recommended that customers move to the Windows 10 platform for continued software and security updates. If you'd like to talk to a consultant regarding the move to Windows 10, please contact OIA.
Recent iManage Releases
iManage Drive GA and Included Improvements
New Features:
  • Support for investment banking uses cases involving FactSet links

  • Support for SPM policy changes with iManage Work Server 10.3

  • Customising iManage Drive functions and roll-out

  • Support for using authentication token from iManage Work Agent

This version of iManage Drive uses the Windows native file system to provide:
  • Support for OLE document

  • Support for files and folders with long paths

  • Faster file system operations like bulk rename

To read more about the new features and improvements click here. 
Upcoming iManage Releases
iManage Cloud Quarterly Service Updates and Maintenance 
New iManage Technotes and Known Issues articles available in Help Center
Teams Integration
As organisations move to a work from home model, many are implementing Microsoft Teams in an effort to improve communication and collaboration for remote workers. This approach has several advantages, but it introduces the risk of creating a new silo of information, leading to version control and governance challenges. Integrating Teams with iManage Work enables you to maintain a single source of truth for documents and emails while supporting remote collaboration.
Watch the video to see five ways you can easily integrate iManage Work into your Teams environment to make users more productive and secure
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