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IM Highlights June 2021

iManage ConnectLive Virtual

ConnectLive is an annual conference where customers can hear from iManage experts about the latest roadmaps, insights, and best practises for using the entire iManage product portfolio. As it was in 2020, ConnectLive 2021 will be a virtual event allowing people to access on-demand sessions, live keynotes, user training, along with networking and learning opportunities with iManage executives, partners, and other customers, within 3 regional time zones (America, EMEA, APAC). The agenda for the APAC sessions from July 13-15th is still being prepared but will contain sessions such as:

- iManage Keynote: Making Knowledge Work

- iManage Knowledge Work Platform

- Increasing Productivity and Agility

See here for more information. The event is free, but registration must be completed here.


Work Desktop for Windows - web browser control changes

Work Desktop for Windows will no longer support the use of the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser control. With the iManage Work Desktop for Windows June 2021 release (v10.5), the web browser control used for authentication and user interface display in Work Desktop for Windows will change to the Microsoft Edge WebView2 control. The user interface display includes:

- File picker (Open, Save, and Select) dialog boxes

- Task panes (Timeline, Properties, Versions, and Filing Details)

- Co-authoring dialog boxes

However, the Work Panel in Work Desktop for Windows will continue using Chromium, and not the WebView2 control, until a future release.

The Microsoft Edge WebView2 control is Microsoft’s latest web browser control that uses an up-to-date version of the Chromium browser control. Microsoft Edge WebView2 runtime is not part of the iManage Work Desktop for Windows installation package and must be installed prior to installing iManage Work Desktop for Windows 10.5.0. Work Desktop for Windows will no longer support the use of the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser control for authentication or user interface display via the registry configurations EnableChromiumBrowser and ChromiumBrowserInOffice (which allowed the use of Internet Explorer instead of Chromium). This change is in anticipation of Microsoft’s discontinuation of support for Internet Explorer on August 17, 2021. Any customer who has enabled the Internet Explorer browser control should review the following article before upgrading to Work Desktop for Windows 10.5.


iManage Cloud - Making Sure OAuth2 is Enabled for the iManage Desktop Client

OAuth2 is the modern authentication flow used with the Universal API which is used to authenticate to iManage Cloud. Some cloud customers may have disabled OAuth2 authentication for the iManage Desktop client in the past as a workaround for a number of issues, by setting the following registry setting on the client machine:


DWORD Value Name: AllowOAuth2

DWORD Value: 0

This should no longer be required with Work Desktop for Windows version 10.3 or above, and the workaround should be reverted (OAuth2 authentication should be enabled) to avoid authentication issues and to allow TokenCaching to be enabled for Work Desktop for Windows. For more information contact support.


Microsoft Word and Excel Macros for DeskSite and FileSite

Microsoft Word and Excel macros for DeskSite and FileSite expire on 27th August 2021. DeskSite and FileSite include two macro files that allow for the use of select keyboard shortcuts with iManage Work Office integration in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel:, and iManO2K.xla. The Word and Excel keyboard shortcuts supported with the macro files include the following:

Save (Default keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + S)

Save As (Default keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + S)

Open (Default keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + O)

Print (Default keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + P)

The digital signature on each of these files expires on 27th August 2021. iManage plans to provide updated macro files with a new certificate in the following:

For more information, when it is published see here.


Recent iManage Releases


Upcoming iManage Releases

> iManage Work Server - June release

> iManage Work Web Server - June release

> iManage Work Desktop for Windows - July maintenance release for 10.4

> iManage Work Indexer powered by RAVN - June release for 10.2.6

> iManage Work Indexer powered by RAVN - June release for 10.3.1

> iManage Security Policy Manager - July update release

> iManage Threat Manager - July update release

> iManage Insight - June release


iManage Cloud Quarterly Service Updates & Maintenance

> Service Update: iManage Threat Manager in the Cloud (Q2 2021) - Tuesday June 29, 2021

For all recent and upcoming service updates in the iManage Cloud see here.


New iManage Technotes and Known Issues articles in the Help Center

For all articles, please refer to the iManage Knowledge Base.


iManage Tips & Tricks

iManage email toolbar display issue in Outlook

We have received a number of recent reports from customers experiencing issues with the iManage email toolbar in Outlook. The issue manifests as the toolbar displaying incorrectly and it may also cause issues with the launch of Outlook.

The issue may be seen following an upgrade of MS Office, which results in Outlook defaulting to use the system theme. Currently, the workaround for this issue is to set the Outlook theme back to one of the alternate themes such as "Colorful" under File > Office Account - Office Theme drop-down list in Outlook and restart Outlook.

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