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IM Highlights March 2019

OIA Awarded iManage Cloud Excellence Partner and Partner of the Year

OIA is proud to announce that it has received both the iManage Cloud Excellence Partner and Partner of the Year awards for 2018. These awards, presented to OIA at the iManage Partner University in Chicago, recognise our status as the pre-eminent iManage Partner in the APAC region and the Cloud award in particular recognises our leadership and expertise in the cloud space. To read the full press release, please click here.


We've made it easier for you to give us feedback

As part of OIA's ongoing commitment to provide a high level of service to our clients, we have made it easier for you to provide us with feedback. We value your feedback, positive or negative, which will help us to continuously improve our services and recognise our high-performing technical staff members. All feedback we receive will be reviewed and a response will be provided. You can provide us with feedback here.


Work Mobility for iOS 10.2 is now available  

A new edition to the Work 10.2 family is the 10.2 release of Work Mobility for iOS. Exciting new features in this release include: Editing an iManage Work document

  • Streamlined editing experience within the iOS ecosystem - Smart Documents uses metadata (such as document number and version) to track the exact copy of the document that was edited. So when you save this document copy, you can easily sync the changes on the existing version, or upload the edited document as a new version to iManage Work Server.

  • Adding annotations on PDF document - When you preview a PDF document, you can add annotations to the file directly from the app, without the need to have a 3rd party PDF tool installed.

  • Automated alert to view the most recent document version - If you are not viewing the most recent version or copy (edited by other users) of an iManage Work document, New Version alert is displayed.

  • Use your iOS mobile device to upload image files - You can use the Photos app to upload saved images, or your mobile device camera to upload photos instantly to iManage Work Server.

  • Simplified option to edit a document - When you preview a document, select the Edit icon at the bottom to view Edit With... options. This enables you to send the document to Microsoft Word or other native application to edit or update the content on your mobile device. In addition, you can also select Help to view a video tutorial on editing a document.

Enhanced search and filters

  • Use only a part of the name to search for folders - You can now use any of the words in the folder name to display all the folders corresponding to that search term.

  • Search results are sorted by iManage Work Server - In order to stay consistent with other iManage Work clients, search results in iManage Work Mobility for iOS are sorted by iManage Work Server.

  • Use dynamic filters to refine iManage Work content - iManage Work Mobility for iOS provides dynamic filters such as Author/Operator (Top 5) for documents, and Class (Top 5) and Subclass (Top 5) for documents and emails. The Top 5 filters are dynamically calculated based on the returned search results.

  • Retain selected filters - Any filter(s) used to refine content (such as Recent Documents) is retained even when you switch between applications, or force quit iManage Work Mobility for iOS before relaunching it.

  • iManage Work Server specified filters - All the filters in iManage Work (web client) are now available in iManage Work Mobility for iOS.

Administrative features

  • Restrict users from copying content into clipboard - Administrators can use the prevent_copy_to_clipboard policy to secure iManage Work data by restricting users from copying content between iManage Work documents and clipboard.

  • Diagnostics for troubleshooting - Administrators can now use various diagnostics to troubleshoot any sign-in issues.

Experimental features

  • Convert Microsoft Word and PowerPoint document to PDF - iManage Work Mobility for iOS 10.2 enables you to quickly add document notes on the move without using a dedicated editing application. This is done through an experimental option of converting Microsoft Word (.docx, .doc), PowerPoint (.pptx, .ppt), image files (.png, .jpg, .jpeg, or .svg) or text documents (.txt, .rtf) to PDF, which can then be annotated.

For more information or to download this release click here. 


Recent iManage Work Releases 

CSAR-2683 for FileSite 9.3.6 - this addresses the issues outlined in this advisory


Upcoming iManage Work Releases 

iManage Work Communications Server for Exchange 10.1 - Target release: End of March, 2019

iManage Threat Manager 1.3 - Target release: March 2019

iManage Security Policy Manager 1.4 - Target release: March 2019

iManage Drive for Windows - Target release: March 15, 2019


New iManage Work Technote and Known Issues articles available in Help Center


iManage Work Tips and Tricks  Extensions in Work 10.2 If you are upgrading to iManage Work 10.2. you will find that Extensions are now called “Applications” in IMCC and after the upgrade you must run the file to migrate any existing extensions.  More information can be found in the Work Server 10.2 documentation here. Impact on iManage Work functionality following Microsoft Exchange migration With many customers migrating from Exchange to a hosted/O365 environment, the following impact to iManage functionality needs to be considered:

  • Email filing – Migration tools such as BitTitan, CodeTwo and CloudMigrator365 convert the search folders used by iManage Work Communications Server for Exchange (WCSE) from search folders to normal mailbox folders resulting in WCSE failing to process users' mailboxes. For more information click here

  • Linked/mapped folders - Migration tools such as BitTitan, CodeTwo and CloudMigrator365, along with the native Exchange Copy operation, can affect the Entry ID values for folders within the user mailboxes.  As a result, WCSE would no longer be able to resolve existing links, with emails within a linked folder remaining in a queued state.

Please contact OIA to discuss your Exchange migration strategy.

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