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IM Highlights March 2020

COVID-19 Business Continuity
OIA has redeployed workforce such that our consulting and support teams have been split to work both remotely and dispersed geographically to ensure we continue to be able to operate in a business-as-usual footing from multiple locations across Australia, including Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. To read the full press release click here.
iManage's response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found here.
Staying up to date
All customers are again reminded to follow the important pages of the iManage Help Centre, to be automatically notified for new posts including advisories related to critical issues and service outages. At the very least: 
To follow a page, simply click on the Follow button and select to be notified for New Articles, or New Articles and comments. 
Learning Resources
iManage recently released their online demonstration platform. This content is publicly available and does not require a login to the iManage Help Centre, and therefore can be a valuable resource for users and administrators during the move to the Work 10 platform. Customers can also access videos on a variety of topics from the iManage YouTube channel.
Perth iCSE
Recent iManage Releases
- Introducing Tree View as a Coming Soon feature - Please note any user who previously enabled the Grid View under Coming Soon
- Subfolders Search scope for folder searches is now persisted
- Updated Grid View - Now enabled as standard
- Select Multiple documents or Emails and Move to Trash (Or Delete)
- Improvements for the iManage Work 10 Desktop for Windows client (see below)
- Copying the link of a document opened from iManage Work
- Coming Soon can be enabled in the iManage Work panel
- Drag documents from the grid view and attach them to an email in Microsoft Outlook
- Display client/matter description in Send and File dialog box and iManage Work toolbar
- Progress indicator for folder copy and move
- Dragging of emails to the iManage Work panel now support Move as the default action
- Remapping the iManage Recent directory
- Persisting the oAuth2 refresh token after sign out or system reboot

The following are now available in the App Store - iManage Work Mobility 10.16 for BlackBerry Dynamics, iManage Work Mobility for iOS 10.16 and iManage Work Mobility for MobileIron 10.16

Upcoming iManage Releases
iManage Cloud Quarterly Service Updates and Maintenance 
New iManage Technotes and Known Issues articles available in Help Center

iManage Tips & Tricks New footer behaviour in Work Desktop for Windows As of Work Desktop for Windows 10.2.4, you can now insert custom fields in the footer in Microsoft Word documents. You can use the default set of fields with iManage document properties—for example, document number, version—or you can insert custom fields. Inserting fields does not replace any existing footer information, they are merged with the existing footer. In previous releases, the footer had a set format with three properties that could be inserted, however release 10.2.4 expands this functionality enabling you to insert more fields with various properties according to your requirements. Once this feature is configured by administrators, to insert a document property select the Footer option in the iManage group when you navigate to Insert > Footer > Edit Footer > Field. For more information, see the Inserting document information fields topic in the iManage Work Desktop for Windows User Guide (10.2.4).

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