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IM Highlights March 2021

CLOUD ADVISORY: Email attachments removed when using Server-Side Send and File in iManage

Audience: iManage Cloud customers using:

> FileSite/DeskSite with Email Management

> Work Desktop for Windows (WDW) with Server-Side Send and File. To verify if you are using Server-Side Send and File, complete the following steps on a machine running WDW:

> Navigate to the imEMM.config file in the following folder location - %AppData%\iManage\Work\Configs

> Open the imEMM.config file in a text editor.

> Locate the "ClientSideSendAndFile" configuration setting near the end of the file and check the value. "ClientSideSendAndFile":0 indicates you are using Server-Side Send and File, and you ARE affected by this issue.

> Close the imEMM.config file and exit the text editor.


When sending an email in Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format (TNEF) or Rich Text Format (RTF) and using the Server-Side Send and File feature with iManage Work in the Cloud, email attachments might be removed from the email when it's filed into iManage Work.


This issue has only been reported by one iManage Cloud customer at this time (i.e. there are no widespread reports) however iManage recommend setting a Remote Domain rule in the Exchange Admin Center to prevent this from occurring with emails filed using the Server-Side Send and File feature with iManage Work in the Cloud. Please see here for details for configuring this rule.

If you require assistance, please contact Support.


OIA Awarded iManage Cloud Excellence Partner Award 2020

On March 17th, as part of the iManage Asia Pacific Partner Kick-Off virtual event, OIA was announced as the winner of the iManage Cloud Excellence Award (Asia Pacific) for 2020. Presentation of the award was done by none other than the 80's saxophone legend Kenny G.

This award recognises technical knowledge and client services excellence in consultation particularly in new implementations of iManage Cloud, migration from on-premise applications to iManage Cloud, and related integrations. This is the fourth consecutive year OIA has been the sole recipient of the Cloud Excellence Partner award, which continues to demonstrate OIA's dominance as APAC's largest and most successful group in designing, deploying, and supporting iManage solutions in the Cloud.

Watch the video on our LinkedIn here.


iManage Work 10 - Cloud Fundamentals Course

OIA is now taking Expression of Interest (EOI) for the iManage Work 10 Cloud Fundamentals course. This 3-day course provides an in-depth study of the features and functionality of the iManage Work 10 clients and the associated administrative utilities, including the Web-based iManage Control Center. Emphasis is placed on customising and monitoring an iManage Work Cloud environment. This course also delves into implementation strategies, template design, and client customisation recommendations.

To learn more about the course outline and to register your interest see here.


OIA joins The Global Efficiency Group

This new alliance brings together six leading specialists in information and document lifecycle management, to offer tailor-made solutions to some of the largest international professional services firms and big corporates across the globe, based on a uniform framework for project execution and collaboration. Collectively, TGE Group represents one of the largest and most experienced pool of iManage resources available globally, enabling a unified approach to meet ongoing global demand for the iManage Work Productivity Platform. Read the full press release here.


Recent iManage Releases


Upcoming iManage Releases

> iManage Threat Manager - March release

> iManage Insight - March release

> iManage Drive for Mac - March release

> iManage Work Server - April release

> iManage Work Web Server - April release

> iManage Control Center - April release


iManage Cloud Quarterly Service Updates & Maintenance

> iManage Work in the Cloud - Q1 2021: Service Update: iManage Work (Sandbox Refresh) - March 25, 2021. For updated deployment dates for Production, environments see here.

> iManage Records Manager in the Cloud - Q1 2021: Scheduled Mar 30th in Australia

> iManage Extract in the Cloud - Q1 2021: Customers in the Early Adopter Program will receive the update on March 10th. Dates for production updates have not yet been published.


New iManage Technotes and Known Issues articles in the Help Center

For all articles, please refer to the iManage Knowledge Base.


iManage Tips & Tricks

Why your Work Panel or Open/Save/Select dialogs may appear blank or fail to load in Work Desktop for Windows

From Work Desktop for Windows (WDW) 10.2.6 onwards, the Work Panel and the picker dialogs use Chromium binaries. There was a known issue related to the Chromium binaries which was resolved in WDW 10.2.7, however, users on WDW 10.2.7 or higher may still experience issues whereby the Work Panel in Outlook is blank or does not load, or the File Picker dialogs are blank. Whilst in some situations, the issue may be worked around by using the Ctrl+F5 key combination to cause the dialog to refresh, this may not alleviate the issue in all situations as there are a number of causes (or contributing factors) for this behaviour including:

  • Problems with building the Chromium engine, or its cache

  • Authentication “loops”

  • Formatting issues in the iManWork config file

  • Misconfiguration on the Work Server

  • Out of memory exceptions

  • Missing anti-virus exclusions

The following guide provides more information on this behaviour, including general troubleshooting steps and registry setting optimisation, however, if you require assistance please contact support.

How to enable debug logging in Work Desktop for Windows

Work Desktop for Windows (WDW) allows you to create advanced log files to aid support engineers in troubleshooting and debugging problems with Email Management (EM) and Microsoft Office integration. These logs are particularly useful for troubleshooting constant or reproducible issues. To enable the debug logging:

  • Locate the log configuration file LogConfig.xml in C:\Program Files\iManage\Work or C:\Program Files (x86)\iManage\Work

  • Edit the LogConfig.xml file and change the level value property from <level value="INFO" /> to <level value="DEBUG" />

  • Restart the iManage Work Agent from the System Tray

Additional WDW logging can also be enabled - see here for more details.

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