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IM Highlights September 2018

iManage Work 10.2 has been released!   We are excited to announce that iManage has now introduced iManage Work 10.2, which delivers powerful features, new supported platforms, and enhanced search capabilities designed to enhance user satisfaction and adoption while enabling IT organisations to more rapidly take advantage of new iManage product innovations.

iManage Work and Work Server New Features

  • Enhanced Support for Non-Integrated Applications Edit - Any File with its Native Application Using Non-Integrated Support

  • Sort Files for Improved Visualisation and Easy Access - You can arrange your content in ascending or descending order based on the name and date fields

  • View All Emails in a Chronological List or as Conversations - By default, emails are grouped together as conversations based on the subject of the email

  • Retain Your Preferred Filters To Improve the User Experience when Browsing or Viewing Search Results, all filters in the left panel except for the List filter are collapsed by default. If you expand a filter, the filter remains expanded throughout iManage Work until you collapse it again

  • Enhanced Workspace Search – Based on Title, Description, Owner, Keyword

  • Retain Your Scope Preference when Searching

  • Preview Support for Native Lotus Notes Emails

  • Installing iManage Desktop for Windows Directly from iManage Work

  • Explicit or Network Login for Administrators

  • Refiling Content - Work 10 introduces a Refile Service, which runs on the server and processes refile activity in the background, with no user intervention

Further information can be found here and here. iManage Work Desktop for Windows New Features

  • Auto-detect and Install Updates to iManage Work Desktop for Windows

  • iManage Integration with Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project

  • Enabling Passive Mode Integration with Microsoft Office

  • Insert Files from iManage into PDFs

  • Sort Content - Arrange content in ascending or descending order based on the name and date fields to easily see documents, emails, matters, and folders

  • Automatically Purge Local Documents – The Purge feature automatically removes files from the %AppData%\Roaming\iManage\Work\Recent folder that have not been modified within a configurable number of days (default is 30, minimum is 1)

  • Save as New Version to Any Document

  • Enhanced Workspace Search – Based on Title, Description, Owner, Keyword

  • Lightweight Email Management Feature Set - You can now choose to deploy either the full set of email management features in Microsoft Outlook, or opt for a lighter integration if you do not file emails regularly

  • Client-Side Email Management – For customers not currently running an iManage Work Communications Server for Exchange (WCSE), there is now the option of filing emails using pure client-side filing.

Further information can be found here. For more information on the 10.2 release, contact OIA.


RAVN Indexer     iManage Work Server 10.2 supports iManage Work Indexer powered by RAVN. The RAVN indexer brings with it significant improvements in performance over the outgoing IDOL platform, while opening up a host of possibilities for utilising the RAVN machine-learning modules to perform extraction and reuse of the information stored inside of iManage documents. The RAVN engine search deployment is made up of 2 components: RAVN Core which is the storage and search layer, and RAVN Pipeline which is the connector framework for multiple connections to a disparate set of data sources, including iManage Work.

RAVN Core is different from previous indexers as it is both an object store and a search engine, with some of the advantages being: > Higher reliability of write and read operations - reducing the chance of data loss and index corruption. > Schema change (searchable fields configuration) not requiring a re-crawl or export/import of data. > Numeric terms getting indexed with their full length. > Term dense data posing no performance challenges. For details on getting started with iManage Work Indexer powered by RAVN, contact OIA for more information. Information about the first adopter program for RAVN can be found


iManage Work 10 iCSE Training - Sydney    We are pleased to announce iManage Work 10 iCSE Training in Sydney, Australia from Monday 29 October 2018 to Friday 2 November 2018. ​ This course will prepare an experienced IT administrator to install Work 10 server, Indexer, Comms Server, Web server, administrative tools and supported clients. This course covers the deployment of iManage clients, including the responsive Web interface, DeskSite, FileSite, Email Management, as well as enhancements for Office and Adobe integration. Participants will learn the basics of deploying folder-based document management structures that correspond to the way users organise their work.

​For further information and to register and secure your spot please contact Emily Smith at


Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) Scheme Information Session - Perth   OIA is holding an information session which will help to ensure you are informed about the new Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) Scheme laws now in place and the implications they may have for your business. 

In the last few months, OIA has already had a supplier and a client experience data breaches in which they were required to notify those affected. Are you aware of your business's potential obligation to report data breaches? Australian government agencies, credit reporting bodies, health service providers, TFN recipients and businesses and not-for-profit organisations with an annual turnover of $3 million or more, among others, need to comply with the new NDB scheme laws. The session will cover: > Who needs to comply with the new NDB laws > How to identify a data breach > How to assess a breach and what remedial action is required > How to notify those affected  > How modern data breaches are prevented (anti-virus and anti-spam is no longer enough!) Register your interest here for this informative free session. Please indicate whether a morning or lunchtime session would suit you best. Date and time will be subject to client availability.


iManage Seminar Roadshow 2018 

OIA is pleased to announce that our iManage Seminar Roadshow will be held on the below dates this year. Invitations with further details will be sent out soon.

> Auckland – Monday 29th October

> Melbourne – Wednesday 31st October

> Sydney – Friday 2nd November

> Perth – Monday 5th November


Recent iManage Work Releases

> iManage Work Email Management for Gmail 10.1.3 > Security Policy Manager 1.3.6 > iManage Work Desktop for Mac > iManage Records Manager 10.0.6 > CSAR-2609 V2 and CSAR-2609 V3 for iManage Work Desktop Clients 9.3.5 > iManage Work Mobility for iOS 10.1.4


Upcoming iManage releases

> iManage Work Communications Server for Exchange 10.1 > iManage Threat Manager 1.2.2 - Target release: End of September, 2018 iManage Security Policy Manager 1.3.7 - Target release: September 27, 2018 iManage Share Agent 10.2 - Target release: September 28, 2018


iManage Work Tips and Tricks UPDATE: Known issue with Office 365 Updates As reported in the March IM Highlights, there was an issue with Outlook crashing  when opening a 2nd email from FileSite after upgrading to Office 365 update 1802.  Microsoft subsequently resolved this issue in builds 1806 (16.0.10218.10000) and later. Further information can be found here. Following the issues seen with the Office 365 update build 1802, a number of iManage customers are now reporting similar issues (Outlook crashing, buttons missing from the EMM toolbar) with build 1808.  The current recommendation is to stay on, or downgrade to, build 1807 until Microsoft releases a new version following build 1808.  For more information see here. iManage Work Web Date Format When working in the web interface, the date format (US, UK etc.) could display a number of ways depending on your web browser.  When using Internet Explorer (IE), it will use the MS Windows region and language settings whilst Chrome and Firefox will use settings within the individual browser configuration. Adobe Acrobat Integration With users often able to upgrade products such as Adobe Reader without IT intervention, it has the potential to affect the integration with iManage if the upgrade is to the next major version, due to the new installation path for Adobe which no longer contains the iManage integration files.  The integration with iManage requires the following 2 files:

  1. The relevant API, under the installation folder for the Acrobat application:

  2. IManAcrobatReader.api – for Acrobat Reader versions up to and including v9 used with legacy FileSite and DeskSite clients

  3. IManAcrobatReader10.api - for Acrobat Reader versions X and above used with legacy FileSite and DeskSite clients

  4. IManAcrobat.api – for Acrobat Pro versions up to and including v9 used with legacy FileSite and DeskSite clients

  5. IManAcrobat10.api - for Acrobat Pro versions X and above used with legacy FileSite and DeskSite clients

  6. iManageWorkPluginRd.api – for Adobe Acrobat DC Reader used with Work Desktop for Windows 10.x

  7. iManageWorkPlugin.api – for Adobe Acrobat DC Pro, Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 and Adobe Acrobat DC used with Work Desktop for Windows 10.x

  8. The relevant DLL, under the installation folder for the iManage application:

  9. iManAcrobatRes.dll – for legacy FileSite and DeskSite clients

  10. imanageworkpluginres.dll – for Work Desktop for Windows 10.x

Assuming the upgraded Adobe version is supported with the installed version of the iManage client, you may be able to simply copy the API file from the installation folder of the previous Adobe version, into the installation location of the new version (as the Adobe upgrade process will have left the iManage integration API untouched during the upgrade) or copy the relevant files from a working machine with similar Adobe and iManage versions. For further information on any of the above, please contact OIA on +61 8 9223 1700 or

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