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IM Highlights September 2020

IMPORTANT:  Server update required to address RPC vulnerability for on-premise iManage customers

In a recent OIA alert, customers were made aware of an advisory published by iManage in relation to a critical RPC vulnerability affecting the iManage Work Server. This issue does NOT affect iManage cloud customers - only on-premise customers running one of the following versions of iManage Work Server are affected: 

> Work Server 8.x

> Work Server 9.x

> Work Server 10.0.x -

> Work Server


Whilst there are multiple ways to mitigate the impact of the RPC vulnerability, the most secure path to resolve this issue is to upgrade to either Work Server or Work Server, both of which contain a fix for this issue. The version which customers will upgrade to will depend on a number of factors including their current versions and environment. Details of the issue, mitigation, and resolution options can be found in the iManage Advisory.

If you require assistance determining your iManage Work Server version or would like to discuss your upgrade options, please contact support. 


iManage Acquires Closing Folders, Leader in Legal Transaction Management 

In August iManage announced it has acquired Closing Folders, the market leader in legal transaction management (LTM). The acquisition enables iManage to deliver automation and governance over transactions and deal documents from creating to closing, making up a large portion of law firm matters and legal department work. 

Closing Folders automates repetitive, error-prone tasks enabling lawyers to reduce risk and time-to-close while improving accuracy, transparency, and client service. Advantages of the acquisition of Closing Folders for iManage customers include: 

A single source of truth for transaction documents that limit risks and streamlines processes

A single-vendor solution for enhanced security and governance, and lower cost of ownership

iManage RAVN's artificial intelligence capabilities to enable in-depth analysis of transaction data and trends that drive actionable insights and smarter decisions

A global, integrated user engagement, training, and support network that extends resources across the full breadth of product offerings

Global availability as a cloud-based solution


For more information on the acquisition click here. 


Project Mantis Update

There is a lot to be excited about with the planned October 2020 releases, with iManage Work Server 10.3.2, iManage Work 10.3, and Work Desktop for Windows 10.3, coming together to provide some highly anticipated functionality, including: 

> Advanced Search in Microsoft Outlook

> Create document references using "Add to Folder"

> Move Folder

> Tree Drag & Drop Operations within the Tree View

For more information regarding Mantis timeline and features see here. For more information on the October release and when it becomes available follow the Upcoming iManage Work Releases page. 

If you'd like more information on the upcoming releases or would like to discuss your upgrade options please contact OIA Support.


iManage Work Adoption and Statistics

Have you recently upgraded to iManage Work 10 or deployed this platform some time ago and are wondering about the system uptake and usage? iManage Work 10, through integration with Google Analytics, offers the ability to report on user adoption, including key user interaction metrics such as adoption and search statistics, along with actions performed on documents (e.g. download, edit, view, and move). Details on how to enable this feature can be found here.


Recent iManage Releases


To follow the Release Announcements see here.


Upcoming iManage Releases

> iManage Security Policy Manager - Target release: October 2020

> iManage Records Manager - Target release: September 2020

To follow the Upcoming Work Releases see here.


iManage Cloud Quarterly Service Updates and Maintenance 

To follow the Cloud Service Updates page see here.


New iManage Technotes and Known Issues articles available in Help Center

For all new content published see Known Issues and Knowledge Base.


iManage Tips and Tricks

iManage Help Center Redesign - If you have not logged into the iManage Help Centre recently, you may not be aware that it has recently undergone a redesign. Not only is there a new look and feel to the site, but there are also new features including:

> A Journey experience - Guided learning paths specific to individual persona to best meet your needs

> A dedicated iManage Cloud space - One place to find your iManage Cloud resources

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