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IM Highlights September 2021

OIA Marks 30 Years

This year OIA celebrates its 30th anniversary, enjoying three decades of technology innovation, transformation and success. From floppy disks and first generation legal technology platforms to connecting customers to the "internet", bringing iManage to APAC in 1996 to providing thought leadership in information management, winning iManage's Partner of the Year x 9 to becoming iManage’s Cloud Excellence Partner from its inception, OIA's seasoned team has taken the business from strength to strength while transcending every challenge and stepping up to the next level as the technology world changed around us. We could not be prouder of our staff for getting us here and propelling us into the future of digital transformation.

- Jeff Andersen, Solutions Director, OIA


End of Life (EOL) notice for numerous iManage products

iManage have announced the End Of Support and End of Life dates for the Classic Clients (including FileSite/DeskSite), IDOL Indexer, and iManage FileShare.

For all of these products, the End Of Support date is June 30, 2023, and the End Of Life date is December 29, 2023, at which time all support articles, documentation, and software downloads for the retired components and historical versions will be removed from the Help Center.

The driving forces behind these decisions by iManage include the uptake of Work 10 by iManage customers, the availability of Work 10 integrations from iManage Technology Partners, and the ability to devote efforts in relation to new features, security, and platform improvements exclusively to the iManage Work 10 applications.

If you have any of these applications deployed in your environment and would like assistance with transitioning to the Work 10 platform, please contact support.


ConnectLive Videos

The session recordings from iManage ConnectLive 2021 are now available. For all the recordings and related resource pages, please see here.


iManage Work in the Cloud - Q3 2021 Service Update

A Service Update for iManage Work in the Cloud is targeted for Q3 2021 (Oct 2nd) which will introduce functionality equivalent to iManage Work 10.4. The service update includes the following feature enhancements:

> Copying a document as a new version

> Simplified Copy Link workflow

> Improved workflow to always access the latest version of a document/email using links

> New submenus in document context menus

> Viewing external or disabled users in simple and advanced search

> Refresh option in the document preview

> Folders node, now available on the side navigation panel

> Ability to move progress panel within iManage Work

Notes for administrators

Display of file dates now standard for iManage Cloud customers With this service update, display of file dates will be the standard. Many iManage Cloud customers have already implemented file dates in order to meet the critical use case of seeing a file's original Create Date and Edit Date when importing content into iManage Work, however for other customers, documents that were imported into iManage which had a create and edit date on the file which differed from the date of the import, will now display the create and edit date that were on the file at time of import or the last edit date that the file was edited in iManage Work. Manage SAML single sign-on This service update enables administrators to configure and manage Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) single sign-on (SSO) authentication within iManage Control Center. This means administrators no longer need to contact iManage to set up SAML, and allows customers to independently manage their configuration when IdP certificates are nearing expiration and need to be updated.

Customize toolbar and changes to default toolbar display

This update introduces the ability to customize the actions shown in iManage Work 10 toolbar. Also, after the update has been applied, any third-party extensions that were previously displayed in the top toolbar will be moved to the toolbar action menu, as shown below. Following the update, use iManage Control Center to reconfigure the extensions to display in the header. For more information on the Q3 service update see here.


iManage Work in the Cloud - Trust Center

The iManage Cloud Trust Center Q3 2021 service update was deployed in August 2021. The following key enhancements to the iManage Cloud Trust Center were included in this update:

Service Status Quick View in Help Center — You can now see a quick indicator of the status of your service without having to select into the Trust Center. A status indicator will appear next to the Trust Center menu option in Help Center to indicate if your service is working as expected.

iManage Work Message Board — A new iManage Work message board will be available on the Trust Center, which will be used by iManage Cloud Services to communicate incidents for iManage Work services not currently being monitored, incident updates, and long-term maintenance activity.

Account Usage Status — The Trust Center will now provide insight into your account usage with key information regarding active user counts and current storage levels as it relates to your subscription. Trending will allow you to monitor your growth rates so that you can make sure your subscription is right-sized to meet your organization's needs as adoption continues.

For more information see here.


Recent iManage Releases


Upcoming iManage Releases

> iManage Work Server 10.4 - Target release: October, 2021

> iManage Work Web Server 10.4 - Target release: October, 2021

> iManage Records Manager 10.3.1 - Target release: October, 2021

> iManage Security Policy Manager 10.2 - Target release: September, 2021

> iManage Threat Manager 10.2 - Target release: October 2021

For all upcoming releases, please see here.


iManage Cloud Quarterly Service Updates and Maintenance

> iManage Security Policy Manager in the Cloud - Q3 2021: Target Date Sept 22nd

> iManage Threat Manager in the Cloud - Q3 2021: Target Date Oct 19th


New iManage Technotes and Known Issues articles in the Help Center

For all articles, please refer to the iManage Knowledge Base.


Tips & Tricks

Inserting Custom Fields in the footer in Microsoft Word documents

Starting in iManage Work Desktop for Windows 10.2.4, you can now insert custom fields in the footer in Microsoft Word documents using the default set of fields with iManage document properties (e.g. document number) or you can insert custom fields - in previous releases, the footer had a set format with only three properties that could be inserted. The new functionality also ensures that existing information in the footer is not affected but is merged instead.

To insert a document property select the Footer option in the iManage group when you navigate to Insert > Footer > Edit Footer > Field. This feature must be configured before the fields become available. For more information, see the Inserting document information fields topic in the iManage Work Desktop for Windows User Guide (10.2.4).

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